Halal claypot curry mee draws the crowds in Klang

Sometimes the adventurous mood strikes people to look for different offerings for their meals. After all we can’t very well be having our favourite food for every meal.

A bit of a change from time to time is healthy, and furthermore, we get to try some of the more popular halal places.

Restaurant TSY is one such halal outlet manned by a Chinese chef/owner with assistance from his Muslim wife. The place was still packed with diners of various ethnic groups at 10.30pm so that was a good indication of the quality of food served.

their lala was spicy and had a good kick

A must order is the signature claypot curry mee paired with a plate of fried lala. The curry mee turned out to be pretty special with prawns, sting ray, long beans, tofu puffs, fresh bean sprouts and yellow noodles in a thick boiling hot curry broth.

Obviously the diners here enjoy the crunchiness of the fresh bean sprouts in contrast with the spicy soup. Adding string ray to the curry mee is an unusual but agreeable twist.

The fried lala did not disappoint, as it was prepared with plenty of ginger and bird’s eye chilli, topped with a sprinkle of fried garlic that gave it that additional level of complexity.

Those looking for something spicy at night in Klang will find this restaurant a worthy option.

Restoran TSY
16, Jalan Goh Hock Huat
41400 Klang, Selangor

GPS: 3.051349, 101.446909
Hours: 6.30pm till 1am

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