Delicious curry noodles in a sleepy Perak kampung

Mee Kari with home-made sauce.

After white water rafting in Gopeng, it’s only natural to want to dig into a really big and satisfying meal.

If you’re looking for something exciting that tantalises the taste buds, the closest option would be Mee Kari Ami, just a short drive away.

It’s probably the most happening place in this otherwise sleepy kampung.

Mi Kari Ami Gopeng
Head over to Mee Kari Ami for a satisfying and tasty meal.

The old-fashioned restaurant serves mee kicap, mee sup, and laksa in addition to its signature dish of mee kari.

The noodles are served in portions of either standard, special or big – so based on how hungry you are, you decide which portion will satisfy your hunger pangs.

with crackers and fish cake
Mee Kari with crackers and fish cake.

Their ordinary version of Mee Kari comes with crackers, pieces of fish cake, and some sort of homemade chilli sauce which gives it a bit of a kick but just enough to keep the meal delicious.

To be fair, this isn’t the absolute best curry mee in town, but it will be one hell of a satisfying meal after a day at the river.

If you ever happen to be in Gopeng for some white water rafting or other sporting activities, give this place a try.

map to mee kari ami, Gopeng

Mee Kari Ami,
Kg Gunung Mesah Hilir

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