Hipster chic at Harvest Café

The Harvest cafe looks welcoming indeed.

Given how competitive the Malaysian restaurant industry is, it is little surprise that restaurants have to not only publicise their menus, but also present their establishment as unique.

It goes without saying that a comfortable and well-decorated restaurant will have a bigger draw of patrons. A distinct identity also helps the restaurant stand out from the crowd as an interesting attraction.

With its European concept, Cyberjaya’s Harvest Café is a hipster café that is set to change the local restaurant scene.

This two-story café has a maximum seating capacity of 100 and also features a business lounge on the upper floor.

A pool table to keep patrons entertained.

Among the amenities available are a projector screen, comfortable couches, an American pool table, a karaoke set and massage chairs.

According to owner Marley Marcus, 28, the café was originally owned by an Arab entrepreneur who had invested extensively in furniture and culinary equipment.

Marcus bought the business for RM100,000 and forked out another RM300,000 in capital to complete the decor with a European style.

The restaurant is not only open to the public, reservations can also be made for corporate meetings or birthday parties.

It can be difficult to find a café with a concept such as this, Marcus told FMT, because it greatly prioritises the comfort of visitors.

The café is also uniquely friendly to mothers as there is a baby changing room equipped with soft cushioned sofas for use by breastfeeding mothers.

Despite the lavish decorations, the fare offered by Harvest Café is still very much affordable.

The food is affordably priced.

The food is certified halal and you can enjoy a variety of local dishes that will not cost more than RM15.00.

Included in the menu are pineapple fried rice, classic nasi lemak, Harvest nasi lemak, ayam penyet rice, phat kaphrao, kampung fried rice and young chow fried rice.

The cafe aims to serve everyone.

For Sabahans missing a taste of home, fret not for Harvest Café also serves Beaufort seafood noodles and Tuaran noodles, both priced at RM9.90.

Harvest Café caters to all races as Marcus previously worked in an international bank in Cyberjaya and befriended people from all over Malaysia. So, the menu is created to fulfil everyone’s tastes, no matter the age.

Besides local food, Harvest Café also serves Western food, pizzas, pasta and trendy drinks including non-alcoholic mocktails.

Delicious mocktails to beat the heat.

With two chefs, one kitchen assistant, a barista and a waiter, Harvest Café is open from Monday to Saturday, from 12pm to 12am.

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Harvest Cafe
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