It’s always fun at The Top

Dinosaurs on the roof. How cool is that?

The Top Theme Park at Komtar Penang epitomises fun by introducing an entertainment space where age is not a factor when it comes to having fun. Since when is anyone too old for dinosaurs?

This tourist attraction houses the largest indoor theme park in Penang, along with a wide array of food and retail outlets too.

It is a whole different world once you enter the building as you are welcomed by bright lights and an array of shops and restaurants at every corner. Levels five and six have rows of eateries and shops to browse around.

The energy at The Top is truly magnetic as it uplifts your mood and gets you excited for what’s on offer.

Get tickets for attractions, or roam for free

Before exploring, you may need tickets to take part in activity centres and other attractions. However, if you are here for a meal or for window-shopping, you are more than welcome as well.

Do check the ticket booth from time to time for amazing deals and promotions especially during festive periods.

Besides food courts specialising in Penang street food, one of the key attractions here is the Jurassic Research Centre which takes you through an interactive chamber, just like in the films.

It triggers a sense of awe as you see dinosaur upon dinosaur on display, making this place highly entertaining as well as interactive.

Jurassic Research Centre

Learn all about dinosaurs here.

Jurassic Research Centre is just one of the 13 attractions here. There are many activity centres that come under the umbrella of Avenue of Adventures.

Some of the other attractions include the 5D Sea Explorer, where technology meets underwater life, and the 7D Planetarium Dome which is an exclusive visual experience.

The Top curates its attractions on the basis of learning through entertainment. Science and technology seem to be the common theme revolving around the attractions available.

It is an apt amusement centre for parents or educators to bring young ones on an informative adventure.

A wild Triceratops spotted.

The visit to the Observation Deck and Rainbow Skywalk on Levels 65 and 68 respectively is the most anticipated. While ascending the lift to Level 65, an audio recording will brief visitors with information on The Top.

At Level 65, you go through a standard security check and then on to a fully air-conditioned space that has more activities. A recent addition, Gravityz is the latest line-up at The Top, and tickets range from RM79 to RM399 depending on the activity package.

An exciting addition for adrenaline junkies, Gravityz includes the flying fox and a high-rope course, with the strict supervision of safety officers.

Gravityz is every thrill-seeker’s dream for an adrenaline rush.

The popular Rainbow Skywalk at Level 68 is where one gets to experience the open-air Skywalk and look down the glass floor from 249 metres above ground.

The area is fully enclosed and perfectly safe for kids, and is truly thrilling as it gives visitors a full 360-degree view of the whole island.

It can be daunting at first to be that high up, however, it is remarkable to be able to get a bird’s eye view of the island, and it is exceptionally beautiful at sunset.

There isn’t just one angle for the perfect shot on the Rainbow Skywalk.

Have a fear of heights? Then maybe it’s time to face it, by walking on the Rainbow Skywalk. The Coco Cabana restaurant is open for lunch and if you fancy dinner too, it comes at an affordable rate.

Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak,
No 1 Jalan Penang
George Town, Malaysia

Tel: 04-262 3800

Open daily: 10am – 10pm.

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