Berkeley’s Number 1 claypot chicken rice

claypot chicken rice cooked from scratch.

The old school restaurants and kopitiams at Taman Berkeley are a favourite among the locals. When trying out a new place, the rule of thumb is to stick with the most popular option.

In a kopitiam, the most popular stall and in a food hub like Berkeley, the restaurant that’s most packed. Going with this rule led to Number One Claypot Rice, a restaurant that isn’t shy on claiming the top spot.

Number One Claypot Rice, Taman Berkeley
Number One claypot rice.

Like most claypot chicken rice places, the rice here is cooked from scratch. The claypots come in two sizes.

A single portion is priced at RM7 while the bigger two person portion is RM14. So if there are five people, you order two big and one small portion, it’s pretty simple.

In the pot you get plenty of bite-sized pieces of chicken, chunks of lap cheong (Chinese waxed sausage), and a small amount of salted fish.

The rice and chicken were pretty much spot on, but the sausage had slightly tougher skin than normal.

The salted fish could do with a few extra bits but this can be easily fixed by requesting for more at an additional RM2. Fans of the crispy bits of charred rice will not be disappointed.

chicken soup in coconut, braised vegetable
chicken soup in coconut, braised vegetable

To complement the claypot chicken rice, order the coconut chicken soup priced at RM7 and a side of braised vegetables at RM5.

There are other options like herbal chicken soup, vegetable soup and pork tripe soup as well. The bill came to RM30 for two people, and the serving was certainly more than enough.

Number One Claypot Rice
Jalan Lang and Jalan Bangau
Taman Berkeley
41500 Klang, Selangor

GPS: 3.059943, 101.463137
Business hours: Open for dinner, closed on Tuesdays

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