6 monster roommates to fear

For many young adults, living in dormitories is a mundane, necessary part of student life. (rawpixel.com pic)

It may be a little difficult to cope living away from home for such a long time, but with some luck, it is possible to land a dorm with roommates who are at the very least, amiable and more importantly, ordinary.

But what happens when those roommates have neither of those qualities?

Here are the six roommates who can turn your student lives into a living nightmare:

• The OCD killer robot

On the surface, this roommate may seem tolerable enough, being clean, polite, friendly and can actually pull their weight when it comes to housework.

The mask of good manners starts to slip however the moment they discover that your standards differ from theirs.

Leaving a pair of worn socks close to the door for future use will be punished with a glare of intense disapproval that burns through walls. Getting parts of the toilet floor wet is tantamount to a declaration of hostilities.

Human imperfections are not acceptable to this roommate, assuming their circuits have not already burned.

• The phantom of the dorm room

It is hard to tell if this roommate actually exists at all, but reports have confirmed sightings.

Almost never seen in the dorm room, questions will always abound about their whereabouts.

But things move around mysteriously, doors can be heard slamming and the dustbin is occasionally emptied.

Their absence is not really that missed though, since you don’t even know them that well. Plus, it’s nice to have the dorm entirely to yourself for the peace and quiet.

On the other hand, failure to communicate may result in all sorts of shenanigans, leaving you baffled at the clogged toilet and the civet cat in the bedroom.

• The frisky fox spirit

It is late at night and you have an upcoming test to study for, so you need to get up early.

But what’s that sound? What’s disrupting your desperate attempt at getting forty winks?

The squeaking bedsprings draw your attention to your roommate’s bed and an inappropriate sound gives away that love is in the air.

You turn away, covering your head with a pillow, praying to God that this will be the last time they will be spending a night with a partner.

Then you remember that this is the fifteenth time you have uttered this prayer within a week.

• The weird extraterrestrial

If the perfectionist is a bit too robotic, then the extraterrestrial is a little too alien. Whichever planet they came from, they clearly still have not been able to adapt to human social norms.

They eat sandwiches loaded with tomato ketchup and soy sauce, they watch Lithuanian television dramas without knowing the language, they keep a collection of used wooden chopsticks under their bed.

You do not want to be rude, so you just smile and wave as they prance through the room, asking if they can borrow your comb to make spaghetti.

Worst of all, every time you try to complain about them to your family and friends, everyone thinks you are telling tall tales.

• The living dead

They breathe, they walk, they grunt, but no one can tell if this roommate is really alive. Their routine is predictable: they will shamble into the room, not acknowledging what a mess their side is in and just fall flat on their bed.

You cannot count the number of hours they spend asleep because you only have ten digits. When they awaken however, they continue to shuffle about, barely acknowledging your existence.

Interaction is still possible, albeit because they need to borrow or steal your notes for study.

• The hunky werewolf

If you are lucky, at the very least, this roommate is a bit of eye candy. But in most cases, this gym-goer is ripped like a beast; eats meat raw and eats eggs right from the tray.

The room that you are supposed to study in is turned into a makeshift gym. The curtain rod is the pull-up bar and the shoe rack is the dumbbell rack.

With every muscle bulging, you cannot help but wonder if performance drugs have a bit of responsibility here.

But God forbid you from asking, for even the heavenly host can only do so much to save you from the sweaty socks of an annoyed werewolf.

It is quite the spectacle, however, when they are housed with the OCD robot.