Buyers galore for durians at RM10 a bagful

TUMPAT: For only RM10, customers at Shahmi Azani Mohd Tanazi’s stall can go home content, with a bagful of at least 10 durians.

It’s been a sellout sales gimmick since he started two weeks ago. Every day, Shahmi clears about 20 tonnes of fruit.

But durian-lovers must come as early as 8am to the ‘Pemburu Buah Group’ stall in Kampung Semat Jal. To control the crowd, Shahmi has put in place a system of coupons numbered from 1 to 100.

Shahmi, 26, said his business concept of “fill your bag until it’s full” was to give the public, especially the less fortunate, to enjoy the fruit at affordable prices.

“When someone sells (durian) in bulk at low prices, it will definitely get an encouraging response. I am compelled to introduce the coupons to prevent buyers fighting over the fruit, putting senior citizens and pregnant women at risk.”

Those who had obtained the numbered coupons would queue up and wait for their names to be called from 10am. They can then fill a plastic bag with as many durian fruits as possible.

“Six numbers will be called simultaneously and the buyers must pay RM10 first before being given a bag and they can start filling it up until full,” said Shahmi. Each person can expect between seven and nine fruits per bag.

Shahmi said his supply of durian comes from Pahang, Penang, Johor, Kedah and Negeri Sembilan. His stall sells not only durian kampung but also various other types, priced at RM3 to RM25 per kilogram.

Besides his bulk sales, he also sells durian by weight, such as the Musang King variety and others such as D2, D13, Udang Merah, D88, Holo, D24, 1O1, durian kahwin and durian cikgu.

“I’ve been operating this business for 11 years and every durian season, this is the location to be. Durian sold in bulk will normally finish within an hour, while durian by weight will be gone by late afternoon. All the durians are sold every day,” he said.

Buyers have come from all over, including Bachok, Ketereh, Kok Lanas, Wakaf Che Yeh and even Terengganu.