7 must-have tools at home

There’s always that loose screw that needs tightening. (Town Moto pic)

Now that you have your own place, be it renting or one that you actually own, you need a set of trusty home tools for repairs and simple DIY projects that you want to carry out.

You don’t need an extensive collection. These basic ones will do:

1. Screwdrivers

You don’t need one of every type, just the common X-shape and flathead ones will do. You’re bound to deal with loose screws every once in a while, so this tool is definitely a must-have.

2. Adjustable wrench

The adjustable wrench is preferred over the fixed wrench. (Jonard Tools pic)

Instead of getting a fixed wrench to deal with bolts and nuts, invest a little more on one that’s adjustable. It’s more convenient as you can use one tool on a range of different bolt sizes.

3. Tape measure

Get the tape measure that stretches to 10 metres. (Wikipedia pic)

For the times when you need new furniture, or when you’re thinking of doing some minor renovation. Get the tape measures that can stretch up to at least 10 metres.

4. Hammer

Hammering things can be therapeutic. (Wirecutter pic)

Sometimes you need to beat things into place – that’s when this good ole’ tool is most useful. A good hammer is one that light but solid, as you need the leverage for easy swinging.

5. Pliers

Pliers to deal with wires. (German tool reviews pic)

These are especially useful when it comes to dealing with wires. You can also get the side cutters to cut electrical cables.

6. Ladder

Get a ladder that balances well. (Consumer reports pic)

Light bulbs need replacing, fan blades need cleaning. That’s why you need a ladder at home; unless you’re more than six feet tall.

7. Flashlight

Do you see the light now? (Super bright LEDs pic)

This is not just useful when it comes to looking for missing keys or rings under heavy furniture. Think about the possibility of a blackout or short circuits during rainy days. It’s good to have one of these at home.

These tools are only meant for simple repairs and DIY projects at home. If you need help with something major, do get the professionals to help you with the bigger stuff.

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