Sushi Ryu’s RM500 plus omakase dinner

Seabream sashimi with ebiko and truffle oil starter.

Kuala Lumpur is seeing a boom in premium omakase style Japanese restaurants and with the increase in popularity of these restaurants, and perhaps the dip in the Ringgit, prices for an omakase meal have been increasing.

While you could enjoy a premium lunch for RM88++ at a top notch Japanese restaurant not too long ago, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything below RM200 per person now.

Which begs the question, is it worth it to spend RM500 or more for a dinner for two? Also, will these restaurants sustain in the long run?

Sushi Ryu’s basic omakase course is priced at RM279++ per person, their second option is at RM579++ per person, and there’s a limited time menu personally prepared by a Michelin starred Teppanyaki Chef from Tokyo at RM1588++ per person.

From experience, the cheapest option usually gets you the best value per Ringgit spent, and your dinner should start out fantastically.

The fresh and delicious tai sashimi with copious amount of ebiko and truffle oil will really open up your appetite for more.

Two slices of tuna belly served with grated wasabi.

Next up is a seasonal dish, otoro sashimi. Two slices of tuna belly with grated wasabi are served on a pristine white rock The accompanying shoyu sauce tasted pretty premium, but the sashimi turned out average for what is considered a prime cut.

Lots of ebiko and crab meat make the chawanmushi really good.

The hot dish comes in the form of chawanmushi. It is a well prepared dish, loaded with lots of ebiko and crab meat. The presentation and execution is really good.

Seven pieces of nigri sushi come served in three dishes.

Seven pieces of nigri sushi served in three separate dishes make up your main course. The server will take time to describe the various types of sushi to you.

The nigri sushi are supposed to have been properly seasoned with the right amount of soya sauce and wasabi. You might find them to be average-to-good, but lacking the wow factor expected of omakase cuisine at this price point.

The squid proved too chewy and the miso soup scored as average. The most disappointing part of the meal? The dessert.

It is the Japanese version of an ice cream sandwich topped with chocolate. While the chocolate flavour is fine, the ice cream tastes like something bought from your neighbourhood store.

Sushi Ryu
Platinum Park, KLCC
50088 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2181 1533
GPS: 3.155168, 101.718929

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