Caffeine addicts, rejoice! Malaysia Coffee Fest 2019 is brewing up a storm

With over 100 local and international brands of coffee from 35 exhibitors, it is easy to get lost in the aromas and tastes of the exhibition.

There is no denying that Malaysians love their daily cup of coffee.

Some love their mochas; others prefer their cappuccinos. Throngs will sing the virtues of Ipoh white coffee while others are able to work late into the night through the sheer power of Starbucks expressos.

However, all differences will be put aside when you visit the ongoing Malaysia Coffee Fest in the Oval, 1 Utama Shopping Centre.

Held from July 25 to 28, the third edition of Malaysia’s largest coffee festival features over 100 local and international brands from 35 exhibitors.

In addition to the dozens of stalls open to the public, the exhibition will also host a gathering of Malaysia’s top-class baristas, local artisan coffee bean roasters, independent specialty coffee houses, coffee bean specialists and suppliers, and coffee equipment distributors and manufacturers.

In addition to coffees, state-of-the-art coffee machines are also available for purchase at numerous stalls.

It is impossible to miss the Malaysia Coffee Fest, what with that distinct scent of freshly roasted coffee drifting through the air of the shopping mall.

Savour a taste of local coffee beans or get a cup of joe from plantations far from Malaysian shores.

Every stall will have its own little delights; ranging from adorable little scrolls of fortune served alongside Turkish coffee to spine-freezing, cold brews.

In addition to the dark delights, visitors will also get to sate their appetites with the many tasty pastries sold by local bakeries that have been given the wonderful opportunity to put their products on display.

At this particular stall selling Turkish coffee, visitors are allowed to pick from the bowl a little scroll detailing their fortune.

The tea-drinking community are not left out as there are quite a few stalls specialising in selling teas from around the world.

For four days without end, visitors can expect to spectate a variety of lively activities on and off-stage, such as two national coffee championships and a mini latte art competition which will witness a clash between the country’s best baristas and latte artistes wishing to claim the desirable top spots.

As though that is not exciting enough, coffee-lovers and members of the public who wish to master the art of brewing can also learn from the best.

Malaysia’s own national and international coffee champions, Regine Wai and Jason Loo, will be demonstrating their skills in coffee-making.

Jason Loo, seen here holding a coffee-making demonstration, has won multiple accolades in regional and international coffee championships.

A good cup of coffee is certain to make one’s day feel much better. On July 27, Regine and Jason will be at the Roastedly booth, sharing valuable tips on just how to get the best coffee out of any bean along other coffee-making tips.

Not to mention, visitors will also stand a chance to win lucky draw prizes should fortune favour them.

And with any purchase of RM200 and above, visitors are eligible to participate in a sure-win dip.

A panel of judges evaluates the coffee made by a participant of the coffee-making competitions.

The Barista Guild Asia, a prominent Malaysian coffee association, will also be holding workshops educating visitors about coffee; with topics such as “Espresso Yourself”, “Introduction to Basic Latte Art”, “Latte Art for Kids”, “Coffee Brewing Made Easy” and “The Journey from Bean to Cup”.

Needless to say, if you cannot go on and about your day without a daily cup of joe, this exhibition is an event that simply cannot be missed.

Malaysia Coffee Fest 2019 is organised by CEMS Conference & Exhibition (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.