Hailam Rice in Klang: Tender pork braised just right

One can have a sumptuous and satisfying meal of Hailam Rice at Medan Selera 128 in Klang.

For those who stay outside the areas of Klang and Shah Alam, Klang seems a destination too far to travel even for good food.

However, there are two sides of Klang – before and after the Klang River.

If you’re heading to an eatery located just before the river, it is actually just 15 minutes from Subang, so if you were to drive to places such as Medan Selera 128, it doesn’t really require any planning ahead.

The best part is, you can find some unique dishes here, not easily found in other parts of Greater KL.

For example, the Hailam Rice sold at a stall located at the rear end of Medan Selera 128.

Yes, this is Hailam rice, and not Hailam chicken rice.

A typical Hailam Rice meal consists of the following components:

• Braised three-layer pork

• Hard-boiled eggs

• Braised tofu skin

• Pork blood and pig intestines in soup

• White rice

• Sticky curry sauce

Hailam Rice @ Klang
Hailam Rice at Klang.

The braised meat, eggs and tofu skin will be quite a familiar taste to many as it’s rather similar to any good Teow Chew porridge shop you’ve eaten at.

The pig intestines and pork blood cubes in soup are also not too different from a good pork stomach soup.

Both these dishes at Medan Selera 128 are seasoned well, and the pork cuts are tender, moist and well cooked.

The sticky curry sauce however, is something quite unique, almost like a cross between a Japanese curry and Loh Mee’s “loh” soup, a flavour profile not many may have acquired a taste for.

If you’re new to this dish, ask for the sauce to be served separately. The sambal however, packs quite a punch and adds some zing to the whole experience.

For RM10, this is a rather sumptuous and satisfying meal, so go for it.

map to Medan Selera 128

Medan Selera 128

Jalan Mantin, Kawasan 18

41400 Klang, Selangor

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