Garlic butter shrimp scampi: Easy to whip-up for brunch

Made with butter, garlic, herbs, and white wine, this dish is delicious down to the last bite. (Pinterest pic)

Garlic butter shrimp scampi is a quick and easy recipe that takes 15 mins to cook up.

Shrimp scampi immediately conjures up the image of succulent shrimp in a buttery, garlicky and lemony sauce made with white wine and herbs.

If there is one shrimp recipe that you can make at home, this is it.


• 340g-455g peeled, deveined, tail-on shrimps

• 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted

• 4 cloves garlic, minced

• 1/4 teaspoon salt

• 3 light dashes cayenne pepper, (optional)

• 1/4 cup white wine

• 1 tablespoon freshly-squeezed lemon juice

• 1 tablespoon chopped Italian flat leaf parsley


• Rinse shrimp, drain and pat dry with paper towels.

• Heat-up a skillet (cast-iron preferred) on medium heat and add butter. Saute garlic for a while before adding shrimp.

• Add salt and cayenne pepper (if using). Stir to combine well with garlic before adding white wine and lemon juice.

• Stir and cook until white wine evaporates a little. Add the parsley, stir well and serve immediately.


• Use frozen peeled, deveined, and tail-on shrimp. The shrimps cook beautiful with the tails and is easy to pick up.

• Shrimps are ready to be cooked as soon as it’s thawed to room temperature.

• The shortest way to thaw frozen shrimps is to soak the packet in water for about five to ten minutes. Drain water and shrimps are ready for cooking.

• Prep the garlic and Italian flat parsley while shrimps are thawing.

• Use a cast-iron skillet to sauté and cook the shrimps. A cast-iron skillet retains high heat and spreads heat evenly, making sure the shrimps cook evenly with the scampi sauce.

• White wine is the secret ingredient. Use fruity white wine to achieve the best flavour.

• If you can’t find white wine, you can make the recipe without. Use chicken broth as a substitute then.

• In 15 minutes, everything will be cooked and you’ll have a restaurant-quality shrimp scampi that tastes a lot more flavourful, cheaper, and delicious.

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