Want a healthy lifestyle? SaladStop! can help with that

From left: Chef Wan, Amber Chia and Steve Yap among celebrities that share their receipe and love SaladStop!

KUALA LUMPUR: An international health food chain renowned for its exquisite salad menu is launching its first restaurant in Malaysia.

As a pioneer in healthy eating practices in Asia, SaladStop! takes pride in its fresh, nutritious Asian flavoured food, perfect for eating on the go.

With the slogan “Eat Wide Awake”, it wants to subtly encourage you to practise a consistent and healthy diet with adequate nutrients and vitamins.

Managing Director of SaladStop!, Adrien Desbaillets.

Adrien Desbaillets, managing director of SaladStop!, said he cannot deny that Asian tastes will more or less affect their cuisine.

A customer’s custom-made salad being prepared.

However, he is confident that the variety of ingredients used in his dishes, which are rich in spices, will give them a unique charm that will appeal to the taste buds of all Malaysians.

“We will present a different menu every three months to cater to Malaysian tastes. And of course, there will be a seasonal product that uses local ingredients and spices,” he told FMT.

Mamma Mia! is among the various signature dishes at SaladStop!

SaladStop! offers a wide selection of fresh salads, wraps, grains and healthy drinks. You can choose to make your own salad, wrap or cereal from over 60 ingredients and 20 home made sauces.

You can also choose from various signature dishes such as Hail Caesar, the vegetable-based Earth Bowl or the pasta dish, Mamma Mia!

A nutritious and delicious bowl of salad bearing all the colours of the rainbow.

All of these dishes contain French beans, cherry tomatoes, potatoes and red and white cabbage as well as romaine salad.

Two recently added items in the Protein Bowls menu are the Sabai Sabai and the Kokoro.

Both of these new items also complement the three most popular offerings on the menu, namely the Rodeo Drive, the Mighty Miso and the Hulu.

“For anyone with an active lifestyle, the SaladStop! Hot Protein Bowl is the best option as it provides energy and has a high protein content,” Desbaillets adds.

Oh Crab La! is a delicious salad option you’ll probably keep coming back for. 

Celebrities Chef Wan, Amber Chia and Steve Yap lauded the opening of the SaladStop! Restaurant in Malaysia as the health food chain can promote healthy eating practices among members of the public.

“Every morning you can find me jogging and doing simple exercises as well as eating healthy food so that I can keep working and looking after my mom,” Chef Wan said.

SaladStop! was established in 2009 in Singapore and has more than 60 branches worldwide including Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Philippines, Spain, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

Their restaurant located in Nu Sentral is open daily from 10.00am to 9.30pm.