Jibril Cafe: Butterbeer and butter chicken behind bricks

Jibril Cafe in Subang Jaya serves up the most delicious butter beer and salted egg butter chicken.

SUBANG JAYA: Talk about appearances being deceiving. Who can tell that tucked away behind the wall of the Sangkaya ice cream parlour in SS15 is an entire cafe?

But that is the whole point of Jibril Café, a secret hideout of a restaurant that seems like it came out of the Roaring Twenties.

It can be quite hard to find, what with the door literally being a brick wall, but like Platform 9 ¾ of the Harry Potter books, once you go in, there’s no going back.

With an interior that resembles that of a speakeasy bar of that long-gone era, you can certainly tell upon entering that you are going to have a good time here.

Appearing as a speakeasy bar of the 1920’s, Jibril Cafe is a halal dining establishment.

As though to hammer in the theme of the café, the upbeat swing music serenades customers while black-and-white Charlie Chaplin films are played on the restaurant’s television sets.

But while it may look like a bar, there is not a drop of alcohol to be found as the café serves halal food and is thus, Muslim-friendly.

Do not take this as a downside however, for Jibril has its own menu of diverse drinks that will delight drinkers and teetotallers alike.

In a thematic twist, the drinks found on Jibril’s menu are named after historical figures of the past century.

Fancy having a sip of Monroe? Or perhaps feel a little smarter downing a cup of Tesla?

From the Harry Potter universe to the real world, butterbeer is a sweet and creamy drink.

It would be a crime, though, not to mention the pièce de résistance of the cafe: the butterbeer.

Served under the revealing name of Potter, the beverage is indeed the same drink mentioned in JK Rowling’s works.

The best way to describe it would be as foamy root beer with a distinctive butterscotch taste in it.

It comes served with an ice sphere which the foam forms around. Be sure to get a taste of this fictional drink brought to life here.

The salted egg butter chicken is among Jibril Cafe’s bestsellers.

The salted egg butter chicken is a must-try for both newcomers and regular patrons. With a generous serving of butter-coated chicken, the salted egg butter is a perfect mix of salty and sweet that is best used to drench the accompanying rice.

For those looking for a dish of a more tropical nature, get a taste of Jibril’s pineapple fried rice, charmingly enough served in a carved-out pineapple.

With chunks of pineapple scattered into the fragrant rice, the overall tangy taste will leave little to be desired.

Sweet and thick, the coconut butter rice is a match made in heaven for those with a sweet tooth.

Served alongside a chicken fried to crispiness, be sure to carve out a piece, scoop up a spoonful of rice before drenching it with a generous amount of the coconut butter.

The New Zealand Beef Ribs are cooked tender and served with generous helpings of coleslaw and mashed potato.

For those with money to burn, check out the New Zealand beef ribs.

Best suited for bigger dining parties, the meat is just so well-cooked and tender that by the time you finish chewing, you will already have carved out another tasty morsel for yourself.

If you want an even better piece of meat, ask for the Australian variant for an even more delightful meal.

For those who would just like a small snack, do give the newly introduced salted egg croissants a try.

The soft bread goes incredibly well with the liquid salted egg dribbling across the plate as you cut it open.

If you would like to enjoy your meals in private or in the company of your friends, don’t hesitate to ask about the two VIP rooms available on the upper floor.

Diners wishing to visit the café are advised to make reservations as its seating capacity of 90 is easily reached.

Jibril Cafe can be accessed through a hidden door in the wall of an ice cream parlour.

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Jibril SS15

25, Jalan SS 15/4B
SS 15, 47500 Subang Jaya

Tel: 010-245 8056
Business hours: 12.00pm to 12.00am