4 ways moving house can affect your health

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If you have moved house before, you know how it can seriously affect your health.

Initially, it may feel like everything’s under control but surely when you’re handling a mountain full of dusty boxes, packing countless breakables and driving across the country, you’ll find yourself collapsed in a sweaty heap wishing you’d hired a moving specialist on Kaodim from the very start.

Here are some of the ways moving can affect your health.

1. Stress

Moving is definitely one of the hardest things to do. The stress comes from the moment you decide to do everything yourself. Many people take stress lightly as they think stress is the norm in everyone’s life.

What many do not know is when you let stress get the best of you, you put yourself at risk of developing a range of illnesses, from the common cold to severe heart disease.

The best way to make moving less stressful is to plan, plan, plan.

Make a list of all the tasks you need to do and divide them into days and weeks. This also gives you an idea of where to start and how much there is to do.

2. Injuries

Injuries can happen at any time especially when there’s so much to do at the most unexpected time. In a moment of impatience, you reach down to lift a box and pull a muscle instead.

To ensure you stay safe, you’ll want to follow a few safety tips such as keeping your spine alignment as neutral as possible, bend at your knees – not your waist and remember not to twist your body while lifting or carrying.

Also, you could avoid all heavy lifting during your move by hiring professional movers.

Remember to keep hydrated and eat well. (rawpixel.com pic)

3. Exhaustion and dehydration

The number of things that must be done versus the amount of time to do it in is quite insane.

For instance, packing isn’t as simple as wrapping up everything and placing them in boxes. You need a system in place for packing things in boxes, moving those boxes to a truck, and unpacking them in your new place.

This will tire you down which could lead to serious exhaustion and dehydration. Be sure to take frequent breaks and fuel up with an energy bar and a drink.

4. Allergies

When you are in the midst of packing or unpacking, you are exposed to a lot of dust, that could potentially trigger your allergies such as sneezing, skin irritation and itchy eyes. A

lthough it is almost impossible to keep away from dust, do try a little dusting before the big move. If you are extremely sensitive, hiring a professional mover might be a better option.

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