OhanaJo opens largest yoga and sound healing space at Future of Wellness

A huge poster of Struys welcomes you to her studio.

FMT recently sat down, crossed legged in the Lotus position of course, with the multi-talented and beautiful Jojo Struys – accomplished speaker, author, regional TV host, the voice and creator of Malaysia’s first home grown guided audio relaxation CD series and HRDF accredited corporate trainer.

OhanaJo has just opened the largest sound healing space in Malaysia at Future of Wellness, an integrated wellness hub in Kota Damansara. At her newly opened Studio she shares why she always exudes a sense of serenity.

“Yoga is not just about becoming physically stronger, but mentally as well to help you better cope with life’s daily challenges,” she says.

Our world is full of distractions, and technology is not helping, so yoga is good to slow down your thoughts and yet still get a complete workout at the same time.

Struys spent 20 years practising Pranayama breathing techniques and yoga training at the foothills of the Himalayas, attending sessions that lasted 14 hours a day at an ashram in Rishikesh, India.

Her rigorous training involved meditation, anatomy, philosophy, following a wholesome diet regime and learning the different types of centuries-old yoga techniques and she eventually became a fully certified yoga instructor.

She realised that her blood circulation had increased and any blockages were released so she had less aches and pains and felt much healthier.

The OhanaJo logo incorporates a tree of life.

Struys knew then that she wanted to share this knowledge and experience with everyone else.

OhanaJo Studio is a lot more than mere yoga classes. It’s a co-healing space powered by Jojo’s passion and strong desire to nurture aspiring yogis and seekers on their own journey of mind-body healing and transformation.

At her latest studio, one of the classes that she recommends is flow yoga, which emphasises the importance of connecting with your breath to better understand your mind and body.

“This is important because when you connect with your breathing, you connect with yourself,” she says.

Sound healing uses many instruments, including these gorgeous gongs.

She conducts some classes personally, including candlelit sound healing and sleep yoga that help calm your chaotic mind and alleviate anxiety.

Struys is a strong advocate of the power of sound as vibrational medicine to help you with insomnia and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder issues.

Among the many classes offered are:

Yoga for beginners

An introductory level class if you are either completely new to yoga, or would like to strengthen your understanding and knowledge of basic yoga foundations.

This class focuses primarily on traditional yogic practices including sun salutations (Surya Namaskar), standing and balancing postures, seated and restorative postures, and the importance of yogic breathing.

If you are keen to develop a deeper understanding of basic yoga breath work and foundation postures, this is the class for you.

The beautiful pure white crystal sound healing bowls.

Inner being meditation and sound healing

A therapeutic and meditative session to help you journey into the world of peace, love and meditation.

Explore deeply relaxing forms of meditation from sitting in silence, standing or walking meditation before lying down to absorb the healing vibrations from the crystal bowls, enabling your mind to let go of daily stresses.

Rejuvenating vinyasa flow

Rejuvenating vinyasa is a rhythmic, energising yoga flow class with fluid movements linked to your breath. Movements and transitions are delicate yet steady and strong.

More challenging postures are interwoven in between sequences to create strength, flexibility, balance and focus. This class is accompanied by soothing music, essential oils and guided visualisations during savasana.

Struys has hand picked experienced instructors for her classes.

Candlelit moon salutations and sound bath with Jojo Struys

This one of a kind gentle yoga flow session honours the nurturing, calming energy of the moon unlike its masculine and active counterpart which promotes heat and strength in the more commonly practised sun salutations.

Get ready to flow with the cooling yin energy of the moon salutations with meditative breath-work to calm your mind and hip openers to promote flexibility and openness of the heart, suitable for all fitness levels.

Journey into deep relaxation and savasana at the end with the healing vibrations of the crystal bowls in tandem with other sound healing instruments to allow your mind, body and soul to experience divine love and inner peace.

The classes at OhanaJo Studio are taught by Struys and her team of hand-picked experienced yoga practitioners, with each session lasting from 75 to 90 minutes.

OhanaJo Studio
OhanaJo @ Future of Wellness
No. 22A, 26 & 28, Jln PJU 5/4, Dataran Sunway,
Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan
(Opp Sunway Nexis)
Tel: +6017 696 8895

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