Hiking at the Bukit Gasing Forest Park

Enjoy the trail but follow this advise.

Enjoy hiking but do not have the time to journey out of the city? The Bukit Gasing Forest Reserve may just become your next favourite hang out spot.

This somewhat hidden gem spans 100 hectares, and although hedged in by development and residential neighbourhoods, it is both convenient and accessible for those seeking a breath of fresh air amid the chaos of city life.

Here you will find several trails catering for each level of fitness, and if you climb long enough, you will arrive at a vantage point consisting of mostly houses and low-rise buildings that overlooks Petaling Jaya.

Viewpoint at Bukit Gasing overlooking Petaling Jaya.

Despite there being several trails, they are not properly pointed out so this is what makes the hike interesting and exciting. Stick to the main path or take the road less travelled, turn left or right – trust your guts and just go with it.

Each trail ultimately brings you to the highest point at 160 meters. You will come across the Abu Bakar slope towards the end of your climb, which is slightly more arduous, where you’ll be required to pull on a rope to climb a sharp, almost perpendicular incline.

On your ascent, you may spot one or all of the following from afar: Maha Sivan Alayam, a Hindu temple, Masjid Jamek Sultan Abdul Aziz, a yellow-domed mosque, Wat Chetawan, a Thai Buddhist temple and a tall hilltop watchtower.

The almost perpendicular incline requires a rope.

Bukit Gasing hiking tips

Keep in mind that it gets busier in the evenings and on weekends . Put on a pair of good hiking shoes as certain parts could get challenging with mud and steep, slippery slopes.

There is a suspension bridge to cross and since toilet facilities are non-existent here, you are advised to come with an empty bladder and a full water bottle.

Difficulty: Easy to intermediate depending on trail

Distance: four kilometres

Duration: one to two hours, depending on trail

Entrance fee: Free

What you’ll need: Mosquito repellent and water

How to get to Bukit Gasing Forest Reserve

To get to the starting point of Bukit Gasing, simply search for this address on Waze or Google Maps: Jalan Tanjong 5/4, Section 5, Bkt Gasing, Petaling Jay

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