Bukit Sri Bintang, a serene and quiet trail amidst a busy city

The serene and quiet trail in a busy city.

Located in Kepong, Bukit Sri Bintang is just a short drive away from Desa Park City. It makes the perfect hiking spot for those looking for serene, quiet trails amidst a busy city as it covers a distance of 3.3 kilometres in under 90 minutes.

It still makes for a good workout as there are three peaks of about 150 metres each along the route.

The starting point is located at Jalan 11/36 (or Jalan Seri Bintang 8), and after a short walk, you’ll soon find yourself at a fork, leading you to two main trails. Do not worry about trekking the wrong one as both connect at a higher point.

You will walk-climb on hard-packed earth that winds its way up and down. As the tree line thins out, you emerge at a grassy area. A time check will tell that you have covered 1 kilometre in about 20 minutes.

Follow the perimeter fence.

Out in the open, you will walk through high grass, and can see all the way to the next hill where a high-tension pylon is sited. You will now be following a perimeter fence fortified by razor wire that climbs steeply up.

At the top, a 270º panorama of Desa Park City opens up. This is the only point that offers such a wide angle of unblocked view.

The next part of the trail will take you parallel to the highway, walking along one of the many cascading drains down the valley.

The Sri Bintang trail is well-marked, with sufficient in-trails and short cuts to offer varied hikes in terms of distance and duration.

The steps can be pretty steep.

The chances of you getting lost are minimal as it is a relatively small area with a maximum hike elevation of about 155 metres.

Your leisurely hike will be accompanied by squeals and gibbers of monkeys, jumping from tree to tree in the shadows.

Difficulty: Easy to moderate

Distance: 3.5 kilometres

Duration: 1.5 hours

Entrance fee: Free

What you’ll need: Water, and a stick if the monkeys get frisky.

A panoramic view of Desa Park City.


To get to the starting point, use Waze and set the destination as Jalan 11/36. You can park your car along the street but ensure that your vehicle is not obstructing the passage to the residents’ houses.

Bring along a camera. The view from the top can be spectacular when you get the right angle.

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