5 things to look out for in a dog-friendly vehicle

Yesterday was World Dog Day and how many of you celebrated it with your best friend?

World Dog Day was founded in 2004 by Colleen Paige, an advocate for animals and an expert on pet and family lifestyles. Colleen chose Aug 26 as the perfect date for Dog Day because it was the birthday of Sheltie, the dog her family adopted when she was 10.

If you missed this very special day, don’t fret. You can still celebrate it today, tomorrow and the day after.

If you do not have a dog and want one, this is the best week to get yourself a “rescued” dog.

Never looking back at this move, it was the suggestion of a lady friend who loves dogs and had rescued a mother with her pups from a drain.

She suggested taking one, maybe two of the pups. However, upon seeing the pups as a family, it was the mother that everyone was immediately drawn to and without hesitation she was picked to be adopted.

Taking her home has been a great experience as this was the family’s first dog and one that immediately became a loving member of the household.

On this World Dog Day, it’s seems only right to remember those that have left due to old age.

Like Cookie, a dog that passed away just two days ago belonging to a family of five. Cookie led a great life and was found in the morning called to her maker. The three children in the family miss Cookie as much as the parents do.

So why on an automotive website is DSF honouring this day? Well, having a dog has led to the realisation that a vehicle should meet some basic criteria so moving a pet from one point to the next is as stress-free as possible.

Five things a dog-friendly vehicle should have:

  • A low climb in height (pickup trucks and SUVs are not the best).
  • Easy sitting space for your pet.
  • Material that is easy to vacuum the pets’ fur off after the journey.
  • A wide-opening door to allow easy entry and access for the pet.
  • Ample cooling in the rear so the pet stays comfortable and calm throughout the journey.

With these tips in hand, go shopping for the best option that suits your budget and you’ll soon have a happy doggie that loves car rides.

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