Chinese manufacturer Hongqi shows off 1,400-hp supercar concept

Hongqi S9’s hybrid system runs up to 1,400 hp. (FAW Group pic)

FRANKFURT: Chinese manufacturer Hongqi – which is owned by conglomerate Faw – is displaying its two new impressive concepts, including its very first supercar at the International Motor Show Germany in Frankfurt.

The manufacturer went whole hog for its second showing at an international show (its debut dates back to Leipzig, in 1960), with its supercar concept going toe-to-toe with the most ambitious cars in its class.

The Hongqi S9, which is the first supercar developed by the manufacturer, is a hybrid uniting a supercharged V8 with an electric engine that runs up to 1,400 hp, for a top speed of 400km/h that goes from 0 to 100 km/h in only 1.9 seconds!

Hongqi has also unveiled another concept car in the form of an electric 4-wheel-drive SUV, the E115.

The model boasts an impressive range of 600km and can automatically adapt its driving mode to its terrain.

Hongqi is not the only Chinese brand to create a buzz at the Frankfurt show, with newcomer Byton exposing its very first series model, an electric SUV called the M-Byte, which stands out due to its integrated tech solution featuring a dashboard in the form of a huge curved 48-inch screen.

The 68th International Motor Show Germany in Frankfurt runs through Sept.