Dazzling delightful Dazaifu not just for academic success

One of the many statues dotting the Dazaifu area.

Dazaifu is a small town just 15km from Fukuoka which is a popular half-day destination for visitors to this part of Kyushu.

The town’s main highlight is its Tenman-gu Shrine, dedicated to a ninth century scholar, poet and court official named Michizane who was exiled to Dazaifu from Kyoto.

The peace and serenity of Dazaifu lake.

Michizane fell victim to court intrigue, and died here in misery in 903., The Tenman-gu shrine is built on his grave, although the current shrine is a more recent construction dating from 1591.

Among other things Michizane, or Tenjin, to use his deified name, is said to be a Shinto deity of education and today high school students and their ambitious mothers come here to pray for good examination results.

They leave their examination hopes and wishes attached to trees in the shrine garden.

Colourful notes with students’ hopes for good exam results.

The gardens are beautiful though rather crowded with coach loads of Chinese tourists. To avoid the crowds you can walk up a small hill where a procession of red torii gates lead up to a small shrine and cave-like altar.

Elsewhere in the shrine grounds is a lake with an island spanned by two gracefully curved bridges. There are 6,000 plum trees here which burst into colour every year in early Spring.

The peaceful lake with a picturesque bridge.

Other attractions in Dazaifu include the Komyozenji temple with a dry stone Zen garden and a tree-planted moss garden renowned for its autumn colours.

There are also a couple of museums here including the ultra modern Kyushu National Museum.

One of the many temples in Dazaifu.

The street leading from the railway station is lined with interesting shops selling souvenirs, snack foods and Totoro merchandise. Dazaifu is definitely worth a visit, even if you are not sitting for your exams.

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