Sepet the musical set to rock new generation of Malaysians

The tale of love pressured by racial barriers is still relevant today. (Liver & Lung Productions pic)

Malaysia is blessed to have many cultures in a pot pourri that makes up our nation.

Add to this mix the new generation of creatives who combine their craft with raw and honest storytelling and you have a truly unique theatre experience.

During this patriotic month, GMBB Mall’s ‘Malaysiaku’ campaign is paying tribute to local creatives who have captured Malaysia’s essence.

The campaign features a series of three immersive activities namely the performing arts, film and photography throughout the month of September.

10 years ago, Malaysians sadly lost one of our brightest creative talents, Yasmin Ahmad.

In remembrance of her spirit, GMBB is featuring the complete collection of her films such as Rabun, Sepet, Gubra, Mukhsin, Muallaf and Talentime.

The late Yasmin Ahmad, one of Malaysia’s brightest creative talents. (Liver & Lung Productions pic)

Each film will end with a discussion led by a team from an online publication that reviews and analyses pop culture from an Asian perspective.

There is a special short student documentary ‘What Yasmin Left Behind’ followed by a Q&A session with the director.

The highlight of the campaign is that 14 years after its debut, the late Yasmin Ahmad’s award-winning movie Sepet is finally being adapted into a musical production.

In commemoration of Merdeka and Malaysia Day 2019, immersive theatre upstart Liver & Lung Productions is re-imagining Yasmin’s film Sepet.

Sepet is the iconic film that scorched a cultural milestone into our collective local cinematic psyche, establishing Yasmin as a legendary creative genius.

Set in Ipoh in 2005, Sepet The Musical tells the tale of two teenagers, Jason and Orked.

Shafeeq Shahjahan and Hannah Shields of Liver & Lung Productions. (Liver & Lung Productions pic)

Essentially a classic love story, romance blooms between the 19-year-old Chinese VCD seller and the young Malay schoolgirl who loves Takeshi Kaneshiro and John Woo films.

Played by Joshua Gui and Badrika Bahadur respectively, the young love birds are forced to deal with social and racial pressures.

Director Shafeeq Shajahan makes full use of a modest budget and an intimate space to turn this adaptation into an experience you will remember for a long time.

He encourages you to come dressed in your best pasar malam attire, sit back and enjoy the show while munching on the free snacks provided.

You will certainly enjoy the musical for when deep cultural observations, film and music are superbly melded together, the name can only be Yasmin Ahmad.

Liver & Lung’s musical adaptation remains true to Yasmin’s classic Sepet that broke new ground in local cinema and is now set to entice an entire new generation of Malaysians.

The small but talented team behind Sepet The Musical. (Liver & Lung Productions pic)

Older members of the audience will enjoy the nostalgic trip down memory lane, resurrecting the theme of poignant relationships, young love and the futility of racial boundaries that still divide our society today.

The various themes that Yasmin masterfully strung together still hold deep relevance for Malaysians even 14 years later.

Shafeeq told FMT that his team is honoured to pay homage to this Malaysian film, a cultural milestone in the country’s cinematic history. Shafeeq and Badrish Bahadur are responsible for composing the music score.

FMT found out that GMBB is very different from other malls as it’s a creative retail centre that nurtures entrepreneurs, creative practitioners and unique startups.

They are seen as one cohesive community bringing unique content, especially in the creative and arts industry. If you love the arts, creative and quirky things then you’ve found your nirvana in GMBB.

Sepet The Musical

Venue: GMBB Mall, 2 Jalan Robertson, Kuala Lumpur.

Show times: Sept 19-22; Sept 26-29

Tickets: RM70 (free snacks and refreshments), available at