4 tips to be confident in your workplace

Prepare yourself for the first day at work.

You’re not alone if you sometimes feel discouraged or a bit self-conscious at work. You’re surrounded by many skilled, capable colleagues and it can be easy to compare yourself to others.

However, it’s crucial that you overcome any obstacles to your self-confidence in order to succeed in your career.

Being confident will not only allow you to stand out among your colleagues, it can lead to recognition from supervisors and even future promotions.

Here are four ways you can exude confidence each and every workday and achieve some of the goals on your career list:

1. Maintain your physical appearance

Whether you’re male or female, you likely have physical qualities that can make you self-conscious. However, the lack of confidence in your appearance can ultimately hold you back in your professional career.

Physical insecurities can make you feel unsure of yourself, distracted, and communicate less effectively. If you see your insecurities beginning to affect your confidence, get over them by seeking advice from a medical professional.

They can prescribe medication or procedures to help manage your concerns, whether it be finasteride to combat hair loss or an antibiotic to clear acne.

They may even suggest an over-the-counter cream for eczema. Once you address these issues, you’ll be able to stand proud in front of your colleagues.

Offer your assistance to get along well with your colleagues.

2. Offer your assistance

One of the easiest ways to display confidence in front of your supervisors and co-workers is to volunteer to help others.

Whether it’s picking up a couple of extra items on a team mate’s to-do list, answering a quick question, or even simply holding the door for your colleague, small acts of kindness can leave an impact on those around us.

It’s no secret that people often feel stressed out or over-worked in the workplace, so do offer a helping hand when the opportunity arises.

Assisting in any way at work, big or small, can create trust between you and your colleagues and make you more comfortable and confident at work.

3. Speak up

It can be easy in a team setting to let others take the lead or direct the conversation. Don’t let other people’s confidence get in the way of your own at work.

Be sure to participate in group conversations, share your thoughts, and raise concerns even if you aren’t sure.

Contributing to discussions and giving suggestions show your managers and colleagues that you have a large skill set and sense of creativity.

Take any opportunity to share your knowledge and skills, and be the employee that your bosses want to see.

Show your enthusiasm at work.

4. Show your happiness

You can be the most productive employee, getting the highest numbers; but to be truly successful, you should show everyone around you that you’re happy to be at work every day.

Your bosses want to see enthusiasm and contentment just as much as they want to see productivity. Thank your managers for opportunities they give you to learn and improve.

Be eager to take on new tasks and challenges, and most importantly– smile. A smile can be one of the strongest physical indications of confidence in the workplace, so even on your hardest days, make a point to have a laugh and smile at work.

The key to true confidence at work is to improve on your weaknesses and utilise your strengths. Work hard to better yourself each day, come into work with a positive attitude, and impress your managers with your self-confidence.

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