Dramatic changes can transform your life

Jojo Struys is a regional TV host, speaker and wellness personality.

Some of the most transformational shifts a person might experience often comes when they’re at a crossroads or on the brink of a complete change in their lives, if it wasn’t already in motion.

They reach that point when whatever they were doing wasn’t working for them and the emptiness and dissatisfaction they’ve experienced from living the “old life”, or doing the same thing, day in/day out usually prompts them to take some drastic measures.

The beauty of it was that they would never have done anything so brave for themselves if they were comfortable.

It takes a certain level of unhappiness when a person feels “enough is enough”, that they become the perfect candidates to finally take risks, and embrace change. They are not just ready for change but even craving it.

However, there is also the other path a person never “asks” for that triggers off massive change. Something traumatic might occur, like a death, a sudden loss or an accident and a person might change completely. They can even be defined by how they respond to that incident or change.

There was one a quiet and determined American girl in India who never seemed to give up on perfecting her standing postures during yoga class, which were so elegantly held that you would marvel at her stability and grace.

Active woman doing yoga in the room
An unshakeable mental resilience means you can achieve anything you put your mind to. (Rawpixel.com pic)

No one would have guessed there was a period in her life where she only parked her car in the “disable” lots.

She was a walking example of the sheer power of positivity and resilience. She used to be paralysed from the waist down after a car accident that completely changed her life.

She lost her job and doctors said there was a chance she would never walk again. She spent six years in a wheelchair but instead of wallowing in self-pity, she educated herself on an array of alternative treatments for her injuries.

She also followed the inspirational stories of people she read about who made the “impossible” possible in terms of recovering from their severe injuries. What they seemed to share in common was a sort of unshakeable mental resilience.

Focus on solutions, not problems

They did not spend their time focusing on their problems but were always searching for solutions and never wanted nor expected pity, as these were the type of people who took charge.

They were not victims. They never gave up or felt they had reached the end of the road because deep down they believed that they could heal themselves. This American girl did everything she could to never waver from this belief.

Her first success came when she started to regain sensation and control of her big toe. After that, she was unstoppable. She worked incredibly hard with great patience every day to try moving all her other toes and it was a matter of time she was not only walking again but training herself to do yoga.

Without knowing her story, one would never have known and appreciated the hardship it took to get her there. This can teach people to always remember the power of the mind because you are what you think. “You can probably do anything you want, if you really believe you can…”

No regrets, no bitterness

The most remarkable thing about this inspirational girl was the fact that there was no residue of anger or negativity when she spoke about the hit and run accident that made her wind up in a wheelchair.

She seemed to only have gratitude for the harsh life lessons she went through, as painful as they were because she said it shaped the person she had become.

She would never have travelled the world, learnt yoga or met her partner if she was still doing the same job she was doing day in, day out, prior to her accident. She was leading a predictably safe life until her world was turned upside down.

Her advice to people she meets these days is not to wait for an accident to happen before you snap out of living a life of complacency or mediocrity.

Life is too short to not be following your heart or chasing your dreams. While you have mobility and good health, do all the things you’ve always longed to do while you can.

Jojo Struys is a regional TV host, speaker and wellness personality. She is also the founder of OhanaJo Studio, Malaysia’s largest yoga and sound healing space (www.ohanajo.com)