Fei Fan Hot Pot offers buffet steamboat at a modest price

Condiments, vegetables, fishballs, and mushrooms.

What’s better than spicy hot pot that goes in hot and comes out hotter? Unlimited refills at a fixed price, of course!

This is essentially what Fei Fan Hot Pot at Subang Courtyard offers. And if you think paying RM 45.90++ per pax to fill your stomach to the brim is a great idea, the packed outlet will confirm your sentiments.

Be prepared to wait for up to an hour before you can snag a table.

The tables located at a semi-outdoor dining area are best if you want to avoid the smell of the steamboat. The only downside is that it is a distance away from the buffet spread.

The thinly sliced meat pieces cook faster.

Fei Fan offers over a dozen types of spicy/salty/fresh food you can mix. The rather decent selection of condiments includes cili padi, raw garlic, green onion, cilantro, fermented tofu, soya sauce and chilli paste.

With that many choices, you are probably bound to get overly excited so be careful not to overfill your pot.

For the soup base, you get to choose two from four offerings – pork bone soup, pepper pig’s stomach soup, tomato soup, and spicy mala soup.

The most popular choices are the pork bone and spicy mala, though there are good reviews about the other two soups as well.

The attraction here is unlimited refills on everything.

The way it works is that you pick the ready-made items from the buffet spread, which includes various types of vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, and so forth.

There’s an order sheet for pork/chicken/beef balls, shrimp dumpling, chive dumplings, tofu pok stuffed with pork, fish noodles, and beef/chicken/pork slices, intestine and liver.

While you are free to order these items multiple times, food wastage will be charged at 20% of your total bill, which is only fair.

Fei Fan Hot Pot certainly offers great value especially if you’re a big eater. The mala soup delivers a good enough kick, while the pork bone soup hits all the right spots.

The Fei Fan Hot Pot at SS15 Courtyard.

You might find the meat slices to be a tad thin, but that also means they cook faster, and with the unlimited ordering it’s not an issue anyway. Another positive is that there’s more than enough options for greens.

Overall you will find your meal a positive experience and will certainly patronise Fei Fan again, but be sure to call ahead and make a reservation first.

Fei Fan Hot Pot
Lot G-10 Ground Floor
SS15 Courtyard
Jalan SS15/4G,, SS15
47500 Subang Jaya

GPS: 3.077683, 101.586468
Tel: 03-7496 6438
Business hours: 11am to 11pm daily

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