4 tips when travelling with baby on a flight

Keep baby as comfortable as possible during a long flight. (rawpixel.com pic)

What is a suitable age for taking a baby on a flight? There are many opinions.

Some say to wait until baby is at least five months old. Others say, at least one year old. And there are those who say age doesn’t matter – even a two-month old baby can fly.

The safer option would be to ask your paediatrician.

This article offers tips on travelling with a five-month old baby. In this case, it was a two-hour flight to Phuket.

1. Feed baby during take off

The most annoying part for baby when on a flight is the pressure on her delicate eardrums upon take off. The sudden change in altitude can make this very uncomfortable for her.

This can be avoided by feeding her either breast milk or milk formula during take-off. The act of drinking milk helps reduce the build-up of pressure on baby’s eardrum.

2. Rock baby to sleep

Hungry babies spell disaster especially during a flight because they will be cranky, throw temper tantrums or cry non-stop.

Making sure baby is asleep during the flight will ensure that she, you and her fellow passengers have a good rest and an enjoyable journey as well.

One way of getting baby in the right mood for sleep is by either breast-feeding her or giving her baby formula to drink from a bottle.

Try to keep baby amused as much as possible. (rawpixel.com pic)

3. Download baby’s favourite songs or cartoons

If baby refuses to sleep, think of a way to entertain her. A baby’s attention span is normally only three to four minutes, any longer than that, and she’ll get bored again.

If your baby has been “exposed” to gadgets, then you might want to download cartoon shows that she can watch. In this way, she too can have some fun during the flight.

Alternatively, you can download a playlist of nursery rhymes to ensure that she will be entertained sufficiently. Or sing the songs to her yourself.

4. Bring baby’s favourite toys

Toys are also one of the important things you can consider bringing when travelling on a flight with a baby.

This certainly goes a long way in keeping her preoccupied. This will also ensure a smooth flight experience for you as well as other passengers.


Travelling on a flight with a baby can be a fun experience for the whole family. The most important part is ensuring that you put her needs first.

This article first appeared in kakijalans.com