Malaysian Mugen Rao wins India’s Bigg Boss 3

(Facebook pic)

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian singer and actor Mugen Rao has won India’s Tamil Nadu Bigg Boss season 3 television programme.

The 24-year-old model-turned-actor was the first Malaysian to enter the Bigg Boss house on June 23 after the programme ran successfully for two seasons, in 2017 and 2018.

He was announced the title winner for the reality show after successfully staying in the Bigg Boss house for 105 days, creating a huge buzz on social media among Malaysians.

“Congratulations Mugen”, Vijay Television tweeted on Sunday night.

The ‘Bigg Boss 3’ grand finale was telecast on Astro’s Vijay TV (Channel 224) on Oct 6.

Mugen had earlier won a golden ticket that took him straight to the grand finale after a long week of physically and mentally challenging tasks.

Mugen’s Tamil single titled “Kayalvizhi” in 2016 went viral on YouTube and made him popular among the digital audience.

Hosted by actor-politician Kamal Haasan, the Bigg Boss reality television show features contestants selected from the film, television and music industry.

The show stands out with a unique design of the house in which the 16 contestants stay for 105 days. Each activity they participate in is recorded with 60 cameras.

Throughout the 105 days, the public will vote for their favourite contestants and the individual with the least number of votes will be evicted.

Kollywood dance choreographer Santhosh Kumar or Sandy won second place, while Sri Lanka-based newsreader Losliya Mariyanesan settled at third. Kollywood actress Sherin Shrinagar came in fourth.