Farting Teslas on the horizon, says CEO

Musk revealed a series of unconventional options for horn and car movement sounds over the weekend. (File pic)

CALIFORNIA: In typical Elon Musk fashion, the Tesla CEO announced over the weekend via Twitter that customised horn and movement sounds will soon be available for Tesla vehicles.

While this feature doesn’t come as a surprise considering the US NHTSA’s recently published proposal – a document that could potentially require automotive manufacturers to give hybrid and all-electric vehicle owners an assortment of pedestrian alert sounds to choose from – the sounds that Musk promised would be available caught his audience off-guard.

Though it is expected that traditional horn and car movement sounds will be available to Tesla owners to select, Musk revealed a series of unconventional options that are sure to make pedestrians – and other drivers – look twice.

Without specifying which noise would be a horn sound and which would be a movement sound, Musk stated on Twitter that coconut, fart and goat sounds will be selectable options for Tesla models in the near future. In response to a user who asked if owners could just upload their own sound clips, he said that he “will consider.”