5 ways to recharge in Janda Baik

Clean air and peaceful environment at Janda Baik. (ZH Teh via Visualhunt.com pic)

Situated about 45 kilometres away from the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Janda Baik is the place where urbanites can get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The peaceful traditional village with an estimated population of 1000 people is located in the thick and lush rainforest of Pahang. Although small, Janda Baik receives both local and international visitors all year round and has many comfortable accommodation options to relax, places to see, and things to do.

Hidden gem Janda Baik offers a quiet nature retreat for the soul. (asyraaf.azahari via Visualhunt.com pic)

Go jungle trekking

Explore nature and test your fitness with jungle trekking. Janda Baik offers guided trekking for visitors who are so inclined, managed by local trekkers who are active in nature preservation work and rescue missions.

Breathe in the clear fresh air and feast your eyes on the green scenery. You can also enjoy mountain biking and the 4-Wheel drive trails.

Go hiking

Those who are up to the challenge can hike up Mount Nuang which is the highest mountain in Selangor. Trekkers will have the opportunity to witness the exotic flora and fauna the rainforest has to offer.

Observe the exotic flora and fauna. (stratman² via Visualhunt.com pic)

Chase waterfalls

Let your troubles flow away with the cool water of the Ulu Tampit waterfall. Interestingly enough, the waterfall has seven tiers and it takes about 45 minutes of light trekking and hiking through the jungle to reach the top.

The walk is worth it as panoramic and picturesque scenes reward you while the clear water just invites you in for a dip.

Get up close and personal with nature. (Nik Aizu and qwazymonkey via Visualhunt.com pic)


With a climate that averages between 23°C and 28°C during the day and below 22°C in the evenings, Janda Baik offers fresh vegetables and fruits straight from the farm. You can get them at the local market in Bukit Tinggi New Village.

Buy the famous Betong ginger to enhance your cooking. (asyraaf.azahari via Visualhunt.com pic)

Get cultured

If you are interested in local history, tradition and culture, there is an Orang Asli museum about 24 kilometres away from Janda Baik.

Don’t shorten your morning by getting up late. Rise early and listen to the songs of birds, take a walk in the woods before breakfast, and simply enjoy the tranquillity and serenity of nature. Plan your weekend escape to Janda Baik now.

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