3 ways to choose your house paint colours

Always test your preferred colours on a wall first. (Shutterstock pic)

Can’t decide on the most suitable paint colour for your home? Not surprising, especially with the wide selection of paint colours available nowadays.

If you’re still scratching your head and having difficulty finding the right paint colour for your home, here are three tips to choose paint colours.

1. Find colour inspiration

It’s not hard finding colour inspiration for your home, as with today’s technology we are now more exposed to a huge variety of design websites and pictures online. The most common source of colour inspiration will be the internet, magazines and catalogues.

Pinterest is a good place to start when looking for inspiration because of the insane amount of picture resources on the site.

Browsing their website will let you figure out the colour palette you are attracted to. You can also “pin” your favourite pictures on the website so they will be easier to find later on.

Magazines are a great source of inspiration when choosing colours. (Shutterstock pic)

2. Use a colour wheel

After you have figured out the colour scheme you want to work with, it is time to explore the multiple shades of those colours on a colour wheel. You can also use a colour chart which has colour codes for reference purposes.

If you still need help picking out a colour for your home, you can always hire an interior design consultant to help with your paint colour selection.

The interior design consultant will advise and design plans personalised to your taste, so you no longer have to wrack your brain choosing between paint colours.

Colour charts let you explore many options of the same shade. (Shutterstock pic) 

3. Sample paint colours

If you are still in doubt as to which colour is the best and are unwilling to commit to painting the whole wall, do some colour experimentation first.

This is the most important step before painting your wall, for there are multiple ways for you to see how the paint looks like on your wall.

Buy a few testers in the colours you are choosing between and paint a large enough section of the wall. This will allow you to see how the colour turns out and looks on your wall.

If you don’t want to paint your wall for the sampling, you can paint on a piece of A4 paper and stick it on the wall. Do take note that you might have to do a few layers to get the right depth of colour you want.

Once you’re done testing and have chosen the right paint colour, hire a professional painter to get the job done perfectly.

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