Future of Wellness: Urban sanctuary in a class of its own

Future of Wellness is an urban sanctuary for city folk to downshift and regain their balance.

PETALING JAYA: Living in the city is a bitter-sweet experience for most. More skyscrapers, more places to eat, more cars and more highways invariably means more traffic, more pollution, less greenery, less patience and more short fuses.

For high achievers who are up at dawn and only wind down late at night, city life can leave them physically and mentally worn out, constantly wound up and ultimately feeling unfulfilled.

The Future of Wellness (foW) in Kota Damansara was founded by Patrick Wee, 45, himself a workaholic in his younger days, who realised after a series of unfortunate events, that slowing down was the better way to live his fullest, most fulfilling life.

A yoga and tai-chi enthusiast who turned his life around, FoW was set-up to give city folk like himself, a chance to downshift and regain their balance.

This urban sanctuary is home to various outlets offering traditional Borneo massage, yoga and meditation, sound healing, Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments, hair and beauty treatments, and its latest called Andulation.

Unlike the work, work, work mentality typical of city folk, Wee says “rest and recovery” is just as important as working hard and pushing oneself to achieve more.

“Professional athletes record better timing and rhythm and hence perform better when they’ve allocated time for rest and recovery.”

If athletes live by this philosophy of “less is more”, why not everyday folk who are often at sixes and sevens juggling family and work commitments while trying to have a social life too.

FMT Lifestyle was recently given the opportunity to experience a sound-healing session, a traditional massage and consultation with the sanctuary’s Traditional Chinese Medicine specialist.

Ohana Jo Studio

The Ohana Jo Studio in FoW is Malaysia’s largest yoga and sound-healing space. Photo credit: FoW

Malaysia’s biggest yoga and sound-healing centre, this beautiful and serene space by renowned wellness personality Jojo Struys offers mind-body healing through yoga classes, motivational talks and transformational workshops.

Guided meditation is incorporated into the sound-healing sessions and participants are given yoga mats, pillows, bolsters, eye covers and blankets to keep them comfortable and calm throughout.

Sound-healing takes place with the soothingly deep sounds of gongs both large and small at the Ohana Jo Studio.

The most unique experience however is the booming but soothing sounds of gongs both big and small, gently tingling bells and singing as well as whiffs of rose water in the air as you lie in a deep meditative state. Hands down a totally rejuvenating and unique experience.

Jari Jari Spa

Jari Jari Spa offers traditional Borneo massage with a spot of sound-healing as well.

The winner of the Asean Spa Standards Award 2019, this spa is beautifully furnished in deep woods and soft lighting, with the soothing scent of natural oils permeating the air.

The massages here draw from the rich cultural heritage of the Dusuns, and is pure indulgence as the therapists expertly knead your tired muscles and sore spots into a state of exquisite relaxation and total bliss.

Using the techniques of Dusun Lotud Inan (Paddy Field), Palad (Palm of Hand) and Tanggara (The Mountain Massage), there is also a few minutes of soothing sound healing before the massage proper begins.

The relaxing Karayam Floral Foot Soak that precedes the massage is already an indicator as to just how rejuvenating your experience here will be.


Qualified physicians are on hand to offer complementary Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments here.

This is a place where ancient remedies meet modern science.

Located on the ground floor, it is a comfortable and professional spa-like space offering complementary Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments that help improve the clinical treatments of those with acute and chronic diseases.

Besides acupuncture, acupressure, moxibustion and herbal medicine solutions prescribed by qualified physicians, there are also cosmetology and slimming treatments here.

Other services

Besides sound-healing, massage and acupuncture, FoW offers a comprehensive range of other serves that address the myriad needs of everyday city folk.

McKay Clinic: Dedicated to caring for your health and aesthetic needs, this clinic is run by a team of experts in medical, aesthetics and regenerative medicine who address the needs for everyone in the family.

Holistic Hair Care: Using the best of modern Japanese technology, the treatments here are formulated with organic and natural herbal ingredients for optimum scalp care and to rejuvenate hair follicles for naturally thick and healthy hair growth.

Emma Lizs: Kiss wrinkles good-bye with professional facial rejuvenation treatments. The intensive skincare treatments here use non-invasive and advanced techniques for visible, safe and long-lasting anti-ageing results.

Buluu Wax Spa: Premium waxing spa that provides top-to-toe waxing services and signature treatments using high-quality wax and proven techniques.

Bondahaven: The first holistic breastfeeding centre in Malaysia that integrates modern science with traditional Malay maternal care.

Workwell: Malaysia’s first wellness-themed co-working space designed to increase productivity and well-being.

Craftiviti: Here is where you can enjoy therapeutic crafting workshops and classes using only organic materials.

An imposing structure, FoW is hard to miss in the busy commercial district of Kota Damansara.

Future of Wellness
No 22A, 26, 28 Jalan PJU 5/4
Dataran Sunway
Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya

Business hours: Open daily from 10am to 11pm