Top 1 Chicken Rice lives up to its name in Klang

The steamed chicken served with Bentong ginger and chilli sauce is truly lip-smacking.

If you’re ever in the mood for a less “normal” breakfast, head to Klang for some chicken rice.

Yes, as far as Klang folk go, chicken rice is as popular for breakfast as it is for lunch or dinner.

chicken rice with mom
Top 1 Chicken Rice in Jalan Gelugor in Klang makes for a delicious meal whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The chicken rice stall that you should look out for along Jalan Gelugor in Klang is Top 1 Chicken Rice.

This basic stall is located in the same no-frills food court as Jalan Batai Char Kuih Teow. So you’re pretty much looking at a simple zinc roof with plastic furniture. The good thing is, the place is rather clean.

Top 1 Chicken Rice specialises in steamed chicken only. You can order either the standard factory-bred chicken or the organic variety, more popularly known as “kampung” chicken.

What sets this stall apart from others though is their use of Bentong ginger as a condiment in addition to their homemade chilli sauce.

As many know, Bentong is often touted as “the” place with the best ginger in the country. The ginger from this locale is slightly more spicy and has a stronger taste profile.

The chicken too was steamed to perfection, neither undercooked or rendered too tough because it stayed a half-minute too long in the steamer.

dark soya sauce on rice is the Klang way
The chicken rice here is typically served with dark soya sauce dribbled all over the rice.

Overall, this spot serves up a hearty and delicious plate of chicken rice. Apparently, one can also request for rice balls… so why not ask for it when you drop by there?


Top 1 Chicken Rice
Food Court
Jalan Gelugor
Meru, Klang

GPS: 3.050413, 101.451221

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