Meet Mowgli, the dog who jumps for joy at dinnertime

Mowgli, the Beagle-and-Jack Russell Terrier-mix at about two months old.

A tiny and bright-eyed Beagle-and-Jack Russell Terrier-mix was given to a couple 13 years ago. Two months later, Uma’s pregnancy was confirmed, proving right her husband Vinodh’s words that “when a pup comes, a baby will follow”.

The couple named him Mowgli and realised soon enough that this pup had his own definition of the term “hyperactive”.

He jumped and barked and tore around the garden all day, and amused himself with imagined playthings. At dinnertime, he’d get so excited at the prospect of food that he’d launch into a series of jumps so high he might as well have had springs under his paw pads.

Mowgli remained an intense digger throughout his life until Vinodh tiled-up the garden and bid adieu to grass and bushes in favour of potted plants.

While having a rather good understanding of English commands, only a firm reprimand in Malayalam would stop him dead in his tracks right in the midst of some unspeakable mischief.

It should come as no surprise then that Mowgli, the Malayalam dog, loves Indian food and devours thosai, idli, capati and appams in a matter of seconds.

At 13, Mowgli has slowed down somewhat but his “paw springs” are still going strong, enabling him to make that odd incredible jump when the incentive is good enough.

His sense of smell however has stood the test of time – so you’ve been warned – keep your thosai away from this dog!

Mowgli is a blessing to Vinodh, Uma and their daughter, Vishaala. He’s the family’s pal, their bodyguard and definitely considered ‘family’.

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