6 absolutely must eat places in Johor Bahru

The chocolate ice cream is very addictive.

Here are six places you absolutely have to eat at in Johor Bahru, fondly known as JB, the capital city of the state of Johor on the southern tip of Malaysia.

1. Hua Mui restaurant

This restaurant has been around at the same location since 1946. One of the signature dishes here is the Hainanese chicken chop.

The spirit of “muhibbah” is truly embraced here as people of all races can be seen eating together harmoniously. This restaurant is located at the end of Jalan Trus near the junction to Jalan Dhoby.

Traditional Hainanese chicken chop done the original way is hard to find.

2. The Ice Cream Project

This cafe makes ice cream in front of your own eyes. There are a lot of flavours and the ice cream tastes great too.

The outlet is nice and clean but quite small, so do come early or else you have to take-away. The Ice Cream Project is situated on Jalan Dhoby.

These skewers of meat and vegetables are delicious dipped in spicy peanut sauce.

3. Steamboat Dataran Bandaraya

This is the place to take your family for an open air dinner. Situated opposite the Thistle Hotel, these rows of vans selling steamboat will surely give you a hard time choosing what to eat.

There are tables and chairs set up in the middle, sandwiched between the vans. Prices vary depending on the colour of the stick that you choose. This place is famous and always full during dinner time.

Another place that serves traditional Hainanese chicken chop.

4. It Roo cafe

It Roo cafe is where you find amazing Hainanese chicken chop. It is situated in a pre-war shophouse on Jalan Dhoby. Price wise, it is affordable and reasonable. They also offer Hailam mee and fried rice.

These loaves of bread are quickly snapped up. 

5. Bengali Bakery opposite It Roo cafe

Benggali bread is famous for its distinctive smell and taste. This humble bakery sells a lot of bread which is baked in the traditional way. It goes great with some kaya or curry.

The freshly baked banana cake is the top draw here.

6. Banana cake at Hiap Joo Bakery

Hiap Joo is one of the oldest bakeries in Johor Bahru, having been established since 1919. The smell of the bread being baked will surely attract you to buy some.

Expect to queue when you visit as this bakery is that famous. They bake the bread using charcoal in a large traditional oven, which is rare nowadays. Their freshly baked and tasty banana cake is the best seller.

Khai and wife Amira are Malaysian travel bloggers who blog at Kaki Jalans. Their travels have taken them to almost all the countries in Asean and five countries in Europe. They are still actively travelling and adding to this list.