Tinkerbell: The ravishing but ruthless diva

More than a cat, Tinkerbell is the diva of the household.

Fafa Hennyra first laid eyes on Tinkerbell when she was just four months old, a tiny little thing, looking lonesome in a small cage in a neighbourhood pet shop. She also knew that this kitten was coming home with her whether her mother agreed to it or not.

Lavished with love, Tinkerbell flourished from a wide-eyed, innocent-looking kitten to a beautiful princess who followed Fafa wherever she went.

She drew the line however at car rides, consenting only to go as far as the park across their house, not a centimetre further.

From wide-eyed and innocent-looking to a ravishing, mature beauty.

Six years old today, Tinkerbell is more fur than fat. She is quite the diva who saunters around the house occasionally stopping for pats on the head, chin rubs and belly scratches.

Spoiled rotten by everyone in the family, Tinkerbell has become somewhat of a diva, who likes a spot of hunting. Among her hunting trophies are lizards, geckos and even birds.

This ravishing but ruthless diva doesn’t even bother to eat her catch. She merely teases and taunts her defenceless victims until they drop dead in front of her. Talk about looks being deceiving!

Don’t let her dainty looks deceive you – Tinkerbell is quite the ruthless hunter!

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