The meaning of ‘namaste’

The word “Namaste” is of Sanskrit origin, and is usually accompanied by the palms joined together at the centre of one’s chest with the head tilted forward in a bow.

It actually has deeper connotations than a mere greeting or bow of one’s head.

“Namaste” is depicted in ancient Indian literature and is widely used in many parts of Southeast Asia, especially throughout India and Nepal.

It is very closely associated with the practice of yoga, not just in the East, but in the West as well and most classes begin and finish with “Namaste”.

However, the deeper meaning of this beautiful expression goes beyond saying “hello” or “goodbye”

This mark of respect is a great reminder that the wholeness or divinity within you, is also being seen and reflected in all those around you, ultimately promoting peace, unity, oneness, and an intrinsic connection between all human beings, regardless of race, age, religion or gender.

Jojo Struys is a regional TV host, speaker & wellness personality. She is also the founder of OhanaJo Studio, which is Malaysia’s largest yoga & sound healing space.