Whispr: The loud and quirky dog who loved to ‘fly’

Whispr had a way of winning the hearts of everyone who knew him.

Although Loges named her puppy Whispr, he proved all too soon that he was far from being anything close to a whisper. In fact he was loud and obnoxious.

As an adult, the very sight of Loges or others carrying their luggage would send him into a barking frenzy. He knew they were trying to sneak out of the house for a trip and he just wouldn’t have it.

A pretty headstrong dog with quirky behavioural traits, Whispr had his way most of the time. Once during an evening walk, he decided to come to a dead stop right in the middle of the road as a 44-seater bus fast approached in his direction.

(L): Whispr loved huge pillows to settle down in. (R): Cuteness overload.

With her heart in her mouth, Loges recalls how traffic screeched to a complete halt as Whispr nonchalantly took his own sweet time to consider if he should walk across to the other side of the road or continue to sit pretty in the middle of traffic.

During his younger and stronger days he would “fly” past family members with his beautiful fluffy ears flapping in the wind. He once practically “flew” down the staircase, giving everyone a shock and earning a good admonishing soon after for his dangerous stunt.

(L): Paying attention while getting a lecture for dangerously ‘flying’ down the stairs. (R): A handsome and regal senior.

Whispr’s love for Loges and her family knew no bounds and vice versa. As much as he was a darling in their eyes, he was a clown in more ways than one.

He somehow imagined a pile of treasure buried under the floor tiles of his house and would dig furiously every now and then, only to plop on the ground like a tired teddy bear after his efforts to unearth gold nuggets bore no fruit.

Whispr may no longer be with Loges and her family but he has carved a permanent spot in their hearts that they will cherish forever.

To them, Whispr will always be among the best gifts they were ever blessed with.

(L): Older and looking wiser. (R): His favourite toy was a rubber ring.

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