Savour tasty, halal Chinese food at Golden Valley and win food vouchers

A Peking Duck with its skin roasted to perfect crispiness is carved up before being served.

TAMAN MELAWATI: Chinese food is rightfully considered to be one of the many keystones of Malaysian cuisine, with some dishes than can only be found here and nowhere else.

While Chinese restaurants can be found aplenty, great halal Chinese restaurants are much harder to find.

Hence, it was the desire to make Chinese food available for Malaysians of all backgrounds that led to the opening of the Golden Valley restaurant.

This restaurant specialising in halal Chinese delicacies is located on the third floor of the bustling Melawati Mall in Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur.

Golden Valley is a halal Chinese restaurant that caters to all Malaysians.

It is hard to miss, with its bright aesthetics living up to its name and a vast collection of beautiful porcelain on display decorating the place.

Within, you will find a comfortable and spacious place to suit your dining needs, whether you are a lone diner or bringing the entire entourage that is your family.

Golden Valley’s menu features many local Chinese delicacies, ranging from savoury Hokkien mee to luxurious Peking Duck.

The Peking Duck is, of course, the centrepiece of Golden Valley, being a dish that is not commonly found in most Chinese restaurants.

A good Peking Duck comes with minimal meat and is notable for its incredibly crispy skin, and that is just exactly what the Peking Duck served in Golden Valley is like.

Be sure to eat it the way it is traditionally eaten, wrapped in a thin egg crepe and filled with taucu paste, julienned cucumber and spring onions.

There is little doubt that the crunch you hear as you bite into the roasted skin will leave you wanting more.

Tasty Kung Po Chicken comes served in a crunchy and edible yam basket.

For another type of fowl, do place an order for the Kung Po Chicken yam basket.

A crowd favourite at Chinese banquets, the yam basket is not an easy dish to make and the amount of effort that goes into it is reflected by how simultaneously crunchy and chewy it is.

The Kung Po chicken nestled in the basket is cooked to tender perfection and the accompanying roasted cashew nuts coated with a thick, savoury gravy are a delight to bite into.

The Steamed Patin in Superior Soy Sauce has smooth, juicy flesh.

For folks who have an appetite for seafood, Golden Valley’s Steamed Patin in Superior Soy Sauce is a must try.

Catfish may not be everyone’s favourite, but Golden Valley’s Steamed Patin is carefully cooked until the flesh is smooth and juicy, dripping with premium soy sauce.

Grab yourself a good piece of flesh and drown both it and the rice on your plate with a generous scoop of the delicious soy sauce.

If your appetite for seafood is far from sated, place an order for the Salted Egg Yolk Salmon Skin.

Salty and crunchy, the Salted Egg Yolk Salmon Skin is an addictive treat.

Crunchy and tasty, the salted egg is expertly refined so that the salty taste doesn’t overpower the Salmon skin.

A crispy treat that can be eaten on its own, only self-restraint will stop you from reaching out to the plate with your bare hands and stuffing it into your mouth.

If you are a fan of cooked crustaceans, rejoice as Golden Valley has a great selection of crabs to choose from.

Do not miss out on their Signature Chilli Crab, cooked red to perfection and swimming in a thick spicy gravy.

The Chilli Crab comes with delicious buns to mop up the thick spicy gravy.

The Chilli Crab is served with a number of steaming hot Mantau buns which are tasty even when eaten plain, but are best eaten when dipped into the gravy.

If you have a sweet tooth, ask for Marmite Crab instead, which comes coated with a thick layer of sweet, salty goodness.

Both crab dishes come in surprisingly huge servings, and the meat has a fine texture and a sweet taste to it that any seafood lover will enjoy.

Also, no Chinese feast is complete without a healthy serving of vegetables, and the lotus root with mixed nuts is a delight to enjoy.

The crunchiness of the lotus root and nuts will almost certainly leave you taking a large second helping afterwards.

If you are not in the mood for rice, do call for the seafood Hokkien mee which you will be slurping up in no time.

Customers enjoying a scrumptious lunch at Golden Valley.

The noodles are springy and chewy and come coated with a deliciously rich and dark sauce that is hard to properly describe without tasting it yourself.

Speaking to FMT, Ying Chua, 49, owner of Golden Valley explained that her desire to open a halal Chinese restaurant stems from wanting to share the taste of good Chinese food with her many Malay friends.

In addition to treating her customers to “authentic Chinese-style cooking”, she ensures that everyone can be catered to by buying ingredients strictly from local halal suppliers.

She takes pride in the fact that Golden Valley uses all-natural ingredients in its dishes, with many of its more unique dishes, sauces and gravies made in-house.

Asked what about the restaurant makes her the happiest, she smiles and answers, “To see my customers truly enjoying their food.

“There is just something good about clearing a table after a customer leaves to find that the plates have been totally emptied.”

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Golden Valley
L3-18 & 19
Level 3, Melawati Mall
355, Jalan Bandar Melawati
Pusat Bandar Melawati
53100 Kuala Lumpur

Operating hours: 10am-10pm daily, opens at 11am on Mondays