4 fears to overcome with a new job offer

When in self-doubt, keep reminding yourself you were selected because you were the best fit for the job.

The prospect of changing jobs can be exciting for some, and daunting for others. The fear of moving into the unknown, limiting self-beliefs and “what ifs” can play havoc with your peace of mind.

If you’ve landed a new job, don’t let your fear ruin your future career path.

The following are the common fears you must overcome if you want to propel your career into a better future.

1. Your lack of self-belief that you deserve a better job

The fact that a job offer just popped up regardless of whether you went searching for one or not shows this is a golden opportunity for you to move up the corporate ladder.

The only thing holding you back is your lack of belief in yourself and your fear of change. Give yourself time to digest everything first as making a bold decision especially career-wise, should be handled carefully.

Keep reminding yourself you were selected because you were the best fit for the job.

Your exceptional skills, working experience, strengths, talents and character made you the perfect choice for the position.

If you’re still doubting yourself, the fact that your potential employer selected you for the job certainly counts for something.

This shows you are as capable as you’re hoping to be and better than you sometimes think you are.

2. Worrying that it’s not the right time

You keep thinking it’s not the right time for a job change because of a potential promotion, pay rise or the current learning opportunities you are enjoying.

That being said, why not consider if your potential employer can also provide the same benefits and whether they are open to negotiation during the interview.

Perhaps you are currently managing an important project that you want to see through to its completion. Regardless, you can opt to provide a notice period so that your work can be handed over to a suitable replacement.

Always put your own needs first, especially when it comes to your career. No one should dictate whether you should remain or leave a particular job.

Don’t worry that you cannot adapt to change – everybody can if given enough time to.

3. Anxiety over your inability to adapt

There are many things to consider before committing to a new job. There is the issue of commuting to and from work, getting to know new work mates, dealing with new work challenges.

While sticking with your current job feels safer and more comfortable, if you are hoping to advance your career, you have to take that leap of faith.

With all these thoughts coursing through your mind, take a step back and calm down. Approach each challenge one at a time to ensure everything is thought out before making the next decision.

4. Apprehension over your lack of experience in a different industry

If you think that venturing into a new industry and learning new jargon is enough to demotivate you from taking up a job offer, you’re not alone.

Keep in mind that everyone has to start somewhere. Learning and working in a different industry can be an advantage and a great opportunity to expand your expertise.

Go through the duties involved and the skills required for the new role. Compare and determine which skills that you possess are transferable to the new job and what skills you need to learn to fill up the gap.

With a proper self-assessment, you can become a competent professional in a short time.

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