4 ways to go on holiday and still earn money

With a little planning, you can earn while holidaying.

Whoever said a vacation means no profit is not thinking hard or being resourceful enough. Do not let this opinion stop you, for such a thing is actually doable.

It does not require a lot of effort and time. Just know the right websites to go to or the right apps to download and allow a little time to plan, and voila – you are earning a profit even when you’re relaxing and having fun.

1. Rent out your home via Airbnb

Thanks to Airbnb, using a home rental service specifically raises the chances of getting a response and a booking because those who visit the website are looking for a house to rent.

Not only does the process get a lot easier, but using Airbnb to rent out your home is definitely more secure.

Other than having a customer profile in order to get to know your potential guests, it is also free to list; they will only take 3% of your earnings from your successful bookings.

What is great is that you can build a good reputation since users can review your place after their stay.

The policies you want to put into place are also up to you. The best thing is that you can do this with a few clicks on your computer as all transactions are done online.

2. Submit your travel photos to stock image websites.

You can actually make money with the photos you take during your adventures around the country or better yet, the world.

Instead of just posting them on your social media websites, why not make them a source of some income as well?

Not a lot of people know this, but you can actually submit the photos you took during your travels to websites like iStock and Shutterstock.

The pay varies and can range from a few cents each to over a hundred Ringgit every time your photo is downloaded.

If you take photos with your smartphone, it might be easier to use the app Foap instead. Like iStock and Shutterstock, you can also submit your travel photos here.

Other than that, you can also take part in the contests they regularly hold where you can win over USD100 – USD300. Experienced photographers definitely have some advantage here.

Disengage from city life and enjoy while still making money.

3. Upload photos of things you buy to CoSign

Who would have thought that you can also earn from that new pair of branded shoes you just bought?

Take pictures of the things you buy during your shopping and upload them to CoSign before you upload them on your social media sites.

You might ask how exactly are you going to earn anything from this. Well, think of you uploading photos of things you buy as “ads”.

Normally, without tagging the photos to CoSign, your pictures act like a free advertisement.

However, once you use CoSign, each time someone buys the product that is linked to your post, you get a percentage (30%-60%) as sales commission from CoSign.

Talk about an effortless way to earn money.

4. Accomplish real-life mini-quests or “gigs” via Gigwalk.

One of the most fun ways to earn money during your vacation is to download the Gigwalk smartphone app and sign up for an account.

There is no need to go through a long screening process; as anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can do it.

What happens here is that you are provided with a map marked with different mini-assignments – from taking a picture of the interior of that new building to checking out the menu of that newly-opened restaurant.

Check the tasks near your area and pick the ones that are easiest for you to do. With a tap on your smartphones and some time to walk and do the little tasks, you are earning some money.

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