The 7 most annoying road demons in Malaysia

Malaysian roads can be made hellish no thanks to inconsiderate road users.

Every Malaysian has a favourite story about how a good day was ruined thanks to an inconsiderate or dangerous driver.

Given how much time Malaysians spend driving, it is an infuriating fact of life that avoiding irresponsible road users is simply impossible.

So, tighten your grip on your steering wheel and fume at these seven terrible road users you will encounter on the road soon enough.

1. The parking bay thief

It is the weekend and you arrive at your local shopping mall’s parking lot to find that it is packed to the brim.

You drive round and round for about ten minutes or so and then suddenly, you spot a much coveted parking bay and you flip on your turn signal.

Just as you are about to manoeuvre your car, out of nowhere, another vehicle whizzes past you and grabs the parking bay.

You honk, rightfully furious at the driver who either pretends you don’t exist or flips you the finger.

Rest assured that you will be numb with rage as you take note of the parking bay number.

You may even entertain dark thoughts of returning later with a sharpened key to enhance the perpetrator’s car paintwork.

2. The phone addict

Driving down the highway, you suspect something is wrong with the vehicle in front of you.

It is swerving from left to right on your lane and is crawling at a speed of 20km/h when the speed limit is 90km/h.

You notice that the driver is fiddling with a handphone and then it starts to make sense.

Sure enough, as you overtake, you find the driver texting happily on their phone without a care in the world.

Alternatively, you find them looking down rather than forward, having a new found interest in the phone on their lap. Swipe left.

An unlucky encounter with a bad driver will leave you fuming and ruin your day.

3. The double parker

It is the end of your work day and there is nothing you want more in the world than to hop into your car and drive straight home.

But horror of horrors, when you reach your car, you find that there’s another vehicle right behind it, blocking your exit.

The engine is not running, there is no one in the front seat, and the driver is nowhere in sight.

Your honks go unanswered and if you’re unlucky, the offending driver didn’t even bother to leave a note with a phone number to call.

By the time the inconsiderate driver moves their vehicle, you would have spent a good chunk of your time wondering how much an armoured tank costs.

4. The road bully

A single honk is all that is needed to provoke this lunatic into becoming an enraged beast on the road.

You may have been perfectly justified in your rebuke of their previous antics, but it doesn’t matter as they deliberately manoeuvre to be behind you.

This is when the nightmare begins as they tailgate you, blare their horn at you, flash their lights and make all sorts of hand gestures.

You aren’t sure if you ought to ignore them or respond, and either way, they will still hate your guts.

The most you can do is set your GPS to take you to the nearest police station.

When driving, it is important to be considerate as you are not the only one stuck in the gridlock.

5. The discourteous

As you slog your way through rush hour traffic, you need to switch lanes to get to the intersection you want.

You flip on your turn signal accordingly and start turning the steering wheel.

All of a sudden, your action is blocked by the car that was previously cruising on the next lane suddenly rushing forward.

There seems to be an unwritten law for some that when they see a turn signal, it means that they have to block the signalling vehicle from entering their lane.

The lane seemingly belongs to them, and they are not willing to share it with anyone.

6. The turn signal ignoramus

There are two types of people who fall in this category: Those who use their turn signals wrongly and those who don’t use them at all.

The former will leave their turn signal on even if they aren’t turning any time soon, but can’t seem bothered to switch it off.

These are the same ignoramuses who switch on their emergency lights when it starts to rain.

The latter on the other hand dice with danger more often as they do not give any indication that they are turning or switching lanes.

Expect to stomp on the brakes when they suddenly swerve into your lane without any warning.

7. The roadblocker

You have no idea why, but the two-lane road that you frequently drive on is plagued by traffic congestion today.

It is only when you drive a little further that you find the source of your traffic woes.

Some inconsiderate driver has parked their car on the side of the road in such a manner that one lane is effectively blocked.

You can tell it is definitely this one car’s fault because as soon as you manage to squeeze past, traffic is smooth sailing again.

Perhaps now would be the right time to call your cousin who drives a tow truck?