Baby Frusciante: The gentle green-eyed monster

Three-year-old Baby Frusciante is used to being the apple of everybody’s eye.

As a single-cat, Baby Frusciante used to bask in the glory of being the apple of everybody’s eye. But everything changed when his owner Naj Frusciante, welcomed a little human bundle, her nephew Ayden, into the family home.

At only three-years old, Baby Frusciante had no intention whatsoever of giving up his “baby” status. After all, wasn’t he the only all-handsome, forever amusing ginger, domestic shorthair that everyone in the family doted on?

Still little Ayden was getting quite a bit of attention, something Baby Frusciante wasn’t too happy about.

So whenever Ayden visits, Baby Frusciante ups the ante by meowing incessantly for attention and brushing his body against Naj, just to remind her that he is still there, the true alpha male of the household.

When he wants attention, Baby Frusciante meows incessantly until Naj takes notice of him.

In a bid to get to know the “enemy”, Baby Frusciante has on occasion walked gingerly up to Ayden and given him a good sniffing but walked away with his nose in the air, and without having made friends.

Will Baby Frusciante ever soften up to Ayden? That’s left to be seen. For now, he shall remain the gentle green-eyed monster who wants to remain in the spotlight forever.

“Whatcha doin’ in there?” Baby Frusciante seems to be asking Ayden.

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