The joys of volunteering at an animal shelter

When you volunteer at an animal shelter, you’re doing a great service to both the animals and the rescue workers.

Volunteering at an animal shelter makes those you’re visiting feel fantastic, and can help reduce your stress besides getting you new friends or even helping you acquire new skills.

So why not spend a day helping people and animals who are in desperate need of an extra pair of hands?

There has been a rise in animal shelters and independent rescue workers all over Malaysia.

Recently, PledgeCare gathered some insights while volunteering at an animal shelter. Here is what those who volunteered learnt from their short time there.

Animals have so much love to give

Many of the dogs and cats at the shelter were rescued from off the streets. A handful of these might have been mistreated, or even abused by humans in their past.

However, the realisation quickly sets in that despite their rough lives, many of these same animals still have the capacity to show love towards humans. This is obvious from the way they rest their head in your hands or sit nearby you.

Chocho loves head rubs and with that cute face, who can resist? 

Patience is a virtue

If you are a new volunteer, understand that you are a stranger to these animals – many are meeting you for the very first time.

Therefore, it’s only natural that their initial response towards you is fear. This especially applies to those who have had bad experiences with humans in the past.

Many times, this fear turns into aggression, and it’s a way for them to defend themselves.

During your time at the animal shelter, you’ll find that many of the dogs bark incessantly at you – but remember that’s okay too. It does take a considerable amount of time before they are fully comfortable with the presence of new people in their midst.

Remember the purpose of your trip

As much as it’s tempting to spend all your time playing with those adorable shelter cats and dogs, do keep in mind that you are there to assist the rescue workers as well.

Typically, the rescue workers need support with washing tools/equipment and cleaning the space where the animals sleep and/or excrete in – but these duties may vary from shelter to shelter.

All in all, you are contributing to creating the best environment possible for the workers and the animals.

All puppies are adorable but don’t forget to help the rescue workers at the shelter too.

Not all heroes wear capes

You can’t help but feel thankful for each and every one of these kind-hearted souls who are dedicating their time solely for the welfare of abandoned, abused or stray animals. They are caring for them like family.

If you’re looking for an animal shelter to volunteer at or to adopt a cat or dog from, check out our article “List of Animal Adoption Centres in KL & Selangor Area 2019”.

PledgeCare is run by a small dedicated team of wholehearted animal-lovers. Their belief is that all animals deserve better – not only the ones living in homes, but also the strays living on the streets. They operate as a social enterprise and proudly donate a share of their proceeds to local shelters helping animals in need.