Ham Ham: Sleeps all day and parties all night long

Ham Ham’s bright, inquisitive eyes make him especially cute.

Ham Ham is a Syrian Hamster who spends his days sleeping and his nights partying like there’s no tomorrow.

His owner Vivien Lim says hamsters like him come in a variety of colours – brown, grey, black – and have a lifespan of about two years.

While it may seem unbearably brief by human standards, to hamsters like Ham Ham, life is great.

He conserves his energy during the day by sleeping for hours on end and spends his nights running in his wheel or playing with the numerous toys Vivien leaves out for him.

He also actively sharpens his teeth whenever he gets the chance.

‘Sleeping Beauty’ has to work hard to conserve his energy and preserve his good looks.
Even while asleep, Ham Ham is super adorable.

Hamsters like him are easy to maintain and require minimum fuss. Just remember to have lots of his favourite foods around – nuts, sunflower seeds and plenty of water to wash all that goodness down.

One of the characteristics of hamsters of his kind is engaging in the job of food migration. Ham Ham can often be seen storing all his food in his cheeks which function as a food pouch, then gently spitting everything out once he’s in his safe hideout.

Stay safe Ham Ham and know that you’re always loved.

Ham Ham becomes busy as a bee when night falls.

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