PledgeCare animal welfare campaign: My Pets Haven

Proceeds from all PledgeCare’s limited edition treats will go to My Pets Haven animal shelter this week.

PledgeCare presents “The Season of Giving” – a new video series during the month of December that takes viewers each week on a trip to a different animal shelter within the Kuala Lumpur-Selangor area.

The aim is to shine a light on the shelter’s daily operations and struggles while educating the general public on animal welfare.

As December and Christmas is about giving, PledgeCare has created limited edition treats where all proceeds go to the shelter of the week.

This week, PledgeCare visits My Pets Haven, an animal shelter in Setia Alam.

My Pets Haven

Actually, My Pets Haven is a pet shop although they don’t sell animals. Instead, they rescue strays, neuter them and put the animals up for adoption once they’re in better shape.

The shelter is home to 35 dogs and eight cats, and is solely run by Aileen Lee and one employee.

The shelter was founded in 2009 by Lee, who used to work in a pet-shop. However, she decided to open her own rescue centre to help rehome stray animals.

My Pets Haven relies on donations from the public to help with the bills related to the upkeep of the animals in their care. They also welcome volunteers any day to help out – you just have to contact My Pets Haven and schedule a date.

If you wish to learn more about My Pets Haven, check out the video below.

PledgeCare is run by a small dedicated team of wholehearted animal-lovers. Their belief is that all animals deserve better – not only the ones living in homes, but also the strays living on the streets. They operate as a social enterprise and proudly donate a share of their proceeds to local shelters helping animals in need.