Louie Iskandar: The escape artist with a sweet tooth

The darling of the household, Louie Iskandar loves to eat cakes and pastries.

If there ever was a cat with drop-dead gorgeous looks, it would have to be the fancy-named Louie Iskandar.

A Persian by breed, his owner Mustaffa Emir Jafri says Louie Iskandar prefers to be the sole cat in the spotlight. It’s no wonder then that he lives in a one-cat-only home since the thought of sharing his kitty litter box with another simply horrifies him.

His disdain for other cats aside, Louie Iskandar is very affectionate with his human family and loves cuddling with them whenever he gets the chance.

Louie Iskandar loves to wander around the neighbourhood showing off his good looks.

Probably thinking himself more a human than a cat, Louie Iskandar loves to snack on cakes and sweet pastries and will wear an especially sad face if he is denied any.

Emir says that although Louie Iskandar is an indoor cat, he’s always trying to escape from the house.

After strutting around the neighbourhood, showing off his good looks and breaking the hearts of every female he encounters, Louie Iskandar saunters back in with his beautiful white fur all black and dirty.

Louie Iskandar is very affectionate with his human family.

But being an “aristocat”, Louie Iskandar doesn’t groom himself, preferring instead to wait for his human mom to wipe him clean and restore his white and sparkling fur to its original glory.

Emir says it is Louie Iskandar that’s truly the boss of the household and everybody agrees!

Nothing makes Louie Iskandar happier than having a warm cuddle.

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