A delicious local breakfast awaits at Wah Mui in Kota Bharu

Roti Kahwin, half-boiled eggs, and iced coffee make for a delightful breakfast or tea-time treat.

When in Kota Bharu, Kelantan and on the lookout for a hearty and satisfying breakfast or afternoon snack, head to this quintessential local coffee shop called Kedai Kopi Wah Mui.

The food at Kedai Kopi Wah Mui is halal, so people of all races happily eat here.

This little old-school restaurant is located by the main touristy area of Kota Bahru, if you can call it a touristy area at all.

It’s just across the road from Muzium Diraja Istana Baru, or the royal museum of Kelantan, where Sultan Yahya Petra lived from 1939 to 1960. It’s worth visiting if you’re into a “walk down memory lane” kind of thing.

Kedai Kopi Wah Mui is operated by a Chinese owner, but the Kelantanese way is such that everyone is a customer as long as the food serves is halal, and in this case, it is.

When you’re there, order the simple yet classic mix of Roti Kahwin (toast with kaya and butter), half-boiled eggs, and iced coffee.

It food is simple, and for the lack of a more sophisticated word, very tasty. The richness of the kaya gets a thumbs-up, the eggs are perfectly executed, and the toast bread is light and crispy.

If you want a simple all-Malaysian breakfast (or afternoon snack) and a good rich cup of coffee to go with it, this coffee shop in Kota Bharu ticks all the right boxes.

Kedai Kopi Wah Mui
1448, D1, Bandar Kota Bharu
15000 Kota Bharu

GPS: 6.133082, 102.237111
Business hours: Breakfast and tea time

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