Pompous Maine Coon Zeta rules the roost

Zeta, the Maine Coon looking rather zen next to a statue of Buddha.

Dr Sumithra Kukananthan picked Zeta from a litter of six just because she had the longest straight tail she had ever seen in a cat. Zeta was also the sweetest.

Bottle-fed, pampered and prohibited from roaming outside, Zeta grew up to become a blushing, bushy beauty.

She used to sit calmly by the sliding glass door, watching the goings-on in the neighbourhood. Dr Sumithra says she never imagined that the lure of the wild was calling out to her little angel.

Soon enough, Zeta started dashing out of the house every opportunity she got.

Getting her home was always a nightmare, Dr Sumithra says. The only thing that worked was a toy mouse tied to the end of a stick which had to be hit on the ground to make a squeaky sound Zeta couldn’t resist.

Soon the house became hers and the human inhabitants, relegated to merely the “tenants”.

Zeta likes to nap in odd places whether at the work table over one’s notes or in an empty bag.

Zeta sleeps wherever she wants in the house, changing locations every five minutes. Dark spots like empty suitcases and cupboards are her favourite.

She is good at hiding herself if didn’t want to be found or touched. If she suspects the family is talking about her, she’ll give a typical meow of displeasure or a warning to stay away.

Zeta is also particular about her food. She has her favourite brand of cat food and if any other brand is placed in front of her, she thumbs her nose at it. With a will of steel, she is even willing to fast until her humans relent and give her what she wants.

Fussiness about her food aside, Zeta is friendly with everyone she meets, and puts up with being talked to like a baby or caressed endlessly but touch her tail and you’ll be clawed in a flash. No “sorrys” either.

Despite Zeta’s quirky behaviour, Dr Sumithra says her little queen is still the best cat she’s ever had.

Zeta likes watching the world go by outside and on some occasions even consents to playing dress-up.

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