Win free tickets to i-City Waterworld and see robot baristas in action

Robots in bubble tea shops are taking over the traditional role of tea makers.

SHAH ALAM: Since the beginning of the 4th Industrial Revolution back in 2016, automation technology has been changing the local landscape; with new challenges permeating Malaysia’s service and industrial sector.

For most businesses, change is not an option but rather a necessity in order for Malaysia to stay competitive and to accelerate the development of the modern world.

The working world will never be the same with the introduction of automation.

In line with these technological developments, Malaysia has begun to make comprehensive preparations in anticipation of the Digital Revolution.

Robotic technology, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence (AI), analytical data, image processing software, mobile communications systems, three-dimensional (3D) printing, cyber security, simulation and digital system integration are among the new elements that are starting to alter existing job functions and systems.

The Milk Tea Station is one of two robot-manned kiosks in i-City, Shah Alam.

With this in mind, i-City Digital Marketing Director Fabian Khaw has invested in new technology from China to introduce robotics into the Malaysian market.

“This is our goal. We are bringing in a new technology in the beverage industry where robots will make drinks for customers. It is interesting and will be an attraction in i-City,” he told FMT.

“It’s not that we want to phase out manpower, but in this case, we really care about the cleanliness that needs to be prioritised for our customers’ sake.”

“At the same time, we are acting in accordance to the technological revolution of 2020,” he added.

According to Khaw, i-City has two kiosks manned by robots, namely the Milk Tea Lab and the Milk Tea Station.

The Milk Tea Station comes with a distinctive LED screen that imposes a cartoon face on anyone who passes by.

The Milk Tea Station has a LED screen at the back of the kiosk which displays any customers in front, albeit replaced with a cartoon likeness.

As for the Milk Tea Lab, it resembles a white-themed laboratory and comes with a tea-making “scientist” robot.

“So far, we have 16 tea flavours and toppings such as bubbles and pearls. All customers have to do is just place an order on the tablet provided and wait for the beverage to be ready in two minutes,” enthuses Khaw.

Each drink is sold at an affordable price of RM5.90.

The Milk Tea Lab, like its name implies, is designed to look like a laboratory.

Each of these machines is currently producing 2,000 cups of beverage per month.

Perhaps with the advent of this technological revolution, enterprising business owners might just get some ideas of their own.

“We would like to give everyone a chance at success, especially young entrepreneurs. This is the best example we can show them.”

A total of 16 tea flavours are available at the Milk Tea Lab.

“You just have to watch over your business from a distance while a robot serves your customers.”

“You can contact us for advice and we will explain the business opportunities you can gain.”

See for yourself the complexity of these tea-making robots at UG, Central Walk, i-City Shah Alam every day starting from 2pm to 11pm.

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