Suzy: Cute as a button but fierce as a lion

Suzy the 12-year-old mix-Pekingese loves being outside and soaking up the beauty of Mother Nature.

Chew Hui San remembers well the day Suzy, the mix-Pekingese came into her life.

It was Mother’s Day and it was after the family was done with breakfast when her father asked if they wanted to visit the SPCA, an animal shelter in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

Of course, that question was met with a big “Yes!”

While there, Hui San spotted Suzy and her heart was set on bringing her home. She says that after begging her father for what seemed like an eternity, he finally relented, and the family adopted the dog.

She recalls however that the family did not actually do much homework about how to care for a dog. Luckily, Suzy had been toilet-trained by her previous owner so there were no mishaps at home.

Suzy has a weakness for food, so if you’re holding some in your hand, be prepared to have her follow you around until she gets a bite too.

Suzy is smart and a good communicator. When she has an “emergency”, she will tell anyone at home that she wants to be let out by barking at them.

Suzy is also quite the foodie and will shamelessly follow any family member who has food on their plate or in their hand.

Despite her super cute and innocent looks, this little girl is quite fierce so it’s best not to reach out and pat her head without asking permission first.

Much loved by everyone in the family, Suzy goes on walks every morning and afternoon to stretch her legs and take in the beauty of Mother Nature.

Suzy is pretty much the “baby girl” of the Chew household although she is 12 years old. She is the first pet Hui San ever had and she says she cannot imagine living even for one day without this little beauty by her side.

This little tiny tot packs quite a punch so if you see her, do not pet her head without asking for permission first.

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